Thursday, December 14, 2017

Fall 2017 is now over!

2017 Fall semester is over now.

25 students out of 35 students of Japanese 1101 survived!  Now 2018 Spring semester is welcoming students.

Spring classes are:

Japanese 1101   5:00-6:50pm (Mon/Wed), 10:00-11:50am (Tue/Thu), 12:00-1:50pm (Tue/Thu)
Japanese 2202   1:00-2:50pm (Mon/Wed)
Japanese 2252   3:00-4:00pm (Mon/Wed)

Spring Flower Viewing Trip to Kyoto, Japan is now full with 13 people!

Summer Study Abroad in Kyoto, Japan is now accepting application and 5 students have already admitted!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Japanese Classes in Fall semster 2017

GTS' 24th academic year at COD is just around the corner.  COD has been suffering declining the number of students for many reasons. 

Besides less and less students are taking night classes across the college.  Japanese classes are somehow surviving yet now hitting the wave.

The Fall classes will be:

Japanese 1101   10-12 (Mon/Wed) (TUE/THU)  12-2pm (TUE/THU) 7-9pm (TUE/THU)
Japanese 1102   5-7pm (MON/WED)
Japanese 2201   12-2pm (MON/TUE)
Japanese 2251   3-4pm (MON/TUE)

Spring Field Trip to Kyoto, Japan (Humanities 1800) can be also registered now!!
The trip is from 3/24/2018-4/1/2018

GTS completed re-networking in Kyoto relations!

After the Summer Program 2017, GTS work did not stop here in Kyoto but took care of all the possible network for future program. 

Kyoto has been known to be fairly closed society despite the fact that Kyoto was the former capital for over 1000 years.

GTS' human network in Kyoto must be kept very healthy so that GTS' future students could maximize their benefit.  GTS als discussed with Kyoto International Academy over the program next year as well.

COD Fall semester is now just around the corner!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The final excursion to Nanzenji Sanmon!

The final excursion of the program 2017 was to climb up the Nanzenji Sanmon!  This was the first time during the history of Japan Study Abroad and GTS did want to do this as the final excursion.

It was located 5 minutes away from GTS' residence as well as Kyoto City Zoo, which we could not visit this time!

The excursion program began at northwestern part of Kyoto (the Golden Pavilion) and ended at the eastern temple this year!

It was one the greatest trips I have ever had!  Thank you, all!

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Silver Pavilion!

Only 5,6 days left in this trip.  We visited Ginkakuji (The Silver Pavilion) and the Philosopher's trail near by though no one seemed to philosophies but thinking of the weekend to come.

Silver Pavilion are a is the area GTS was born over 50 years ago and the temple is, of course, still there as well as some shops.

Though it is hot and humid but far better than usual summer!

During the weekend, some goes to Obama (to swim in Fukui Prefecture), Universal Studio (to enjoy in Osaka), to Tokyo (to meet family members), etc.

7/17 is the Gion Festival climax so we will meet many float and portable shrines on Monday morning!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Nishijin Textile and Kimono Show

Finally the rainy season called tsuyu is over and real humid and hot day has begun.

It got to 95F outside so it was the best to be inside to enjoy the Kimono Show.

It is the quality in Kyoto Nishijin Textile, which is one of the most famous stuff here!

Now the summer has just begun!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bamboo Walk to Daikakuji Temple!

Afternoon trip began from Randen train Kitano Hakuibai-cho station to get to the famous Arashiyama.

We did walk through the tiny part of the bamboo walk so we continued to walk through bamboo forest via Nonomiya Shrine and Nisonin to get to Daikakuji Temple.

At Godaido in Daikakuji Temple, everyone has a chance to do SHAKYO (Buddhist scripture Han'nya Shingyo hand copying)

On the way back from the temple was, of course, by Kyoto city bus!