Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spring Semester Regitration goes well so far!

Morning 1102 has already a dozen students including some from the night class and it will be filled up!

1101 classes (daily morning and late afternoon) are gradually filling so looking good!

2201 afternoon class may have only a few students as the current 1102 class has only 9 students!  Yet the class will go as there are all excellent students.

2202 class is quite promising and there will be about a dozen excellent students to enjoy with GTS with many smiles and, of course, some bitterness!

2252 (the 6th semester class which is the final sequential class at COD) will have 4,5 students

Spring trip is getting bigger as well!

There are 3 officially registering to THE 2014 SUMMER STUDY ABROAD!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Spring Registration Began!

As the fall semester is getting closer to the final, the registration for Spring semester classes has begun.

1100 Japanese culture class (with INMP Special project) has already 3 students in it.
1102 morning daily class has already 7 students in it!
2202 the fourth semester class has already 4 students in it.

It seems to be the good start.

Besides, summer study abroad program has already 3 students for sure!

Spring trip has 4 registered students and 3, 4 are waiting a bit longer so it is promising!