Saturday, January 24, 2009

Settled in the Japanese class?

COD classes have passed about 10days and each class is gradually getting settled. 1102 are still shrinking slowly and it will be settled after the first chapter test at the beginning of February. Small class 1102 at night unexpectedly enabled us to actually move around in class and use some Japanese! Hopefully we can continue! Waubonsee class (WCC) will begin on Monday (1/26) with 6 students (maybe a couple more by the actual class?) (Ahh.... lost 75% of original members!!) Chinese class at WCC was canceled (only 1 student). Spring break field study in Japan seems to have over 10 people and we will go to JAPAN! Study Abroad program application deadline is coming up, so please let GTS know if you are interested so that I can keep your spot!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spring Semester Begins Tomorrow!

Regardless of whether or not students are ready to go to school, COD classes will begin tomorrow and have a first quiz in the first class! About 40% retention in Japanese 1101 brought just over 40 students in 1102 and luckily enough to be spread into 3 different classes! About a dozen students continue to learn Japanese at 2202 and a handful students are in 2252. GTS certainly hope to have fun together and enjoy the moment with with students in class. The Japan Field Study Program during the Spring break (3/20-29) and the Summer Japan Study Abroad Program (6/23-7/30) are now accepting the application!

Friday, January 9, 2009

First dinner night finished in snow!

Over 15 people gathered at first JCC/GTS Dinner of 2009 in snow! 5 showed up and enjoyed the film with little EMA before the dinner. A couple of them decided to go to JAPAN field study program during the spring break. Many entertained Little Ema and she enjoyed the most. She was waiting for today since 2 days ago and went well for her thanks to all her KERAI (servants). Next dinner will be February 6. And remember GTS birthday will be February 4!!! I hope everyone is ready to get back to school and take the first quiz on the first day!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First JCC Dinner of 2009 is coming up!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas Parties and the New Year Parties. The spring semester is just around the corner but the JCC dinner comes before it. I hope to see many of you tomorrow. 1102 night class is in danger so I ask those who registered for the morning class to re-register for the night class. You can still come to any class anyway! Those who want to study abroad with GTS, make your application form ready! There are available seats for Spring Break Trip to Japan as well! Living with Ema, who became 3-year old 2 weeks ago, for over two weeks has been so much fun! Going out, cooking, reading, singing, and driving together has taught me a lot!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Happy New Year!

I hope everyone could welcome the January 1st of 2009, the year of Ox/Cow! One of your resolution should be the completion of Japanese class! Did you all enjoy the 61st second of 23:59 of 12/31/2008? This is the leap second year and GTS's sincere wish is 'leap leap leap for everyone!
JCC first dinner of 2009 is coming up on Friday 1/9/2009 (next week) See you all! BTW, Japan has its own "American Football League (mini)" and Ritsumeikan University won the RICE BOWL (1/3/2009) over Panasonic and became No.1 in Japan. (Very comical but...). As a Ritsumeikan graduate, I should report it to you. Ritsumeikan Alumni Association in Chicago always welcomes you if you have a little something to do with Ritsumeikan!