Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Walk Walk Walk! Over 20km (12miles)

Left the hotel for Nijo Castle via Shinsen'en on foot.  Walking around the large Castle park before getting on the subway to get to Daigoji-temple where we could find the most famous Cherry blossoms from Hideyoshi era in later 16th century.

The temperature was rising to 70F's (or some 25C) and we felt even the beginning of summer!

After lunch in Daigoji-temple area, we visited the Phoenix Pavilion which is famous for the design of Japanese 10 yen coin.

On the way back from the Phoenix Pavilion, we got off the subway and walk through Keage area where Shingo lives.

Cherry blossoms in Nijo Station was also in full bloom and we walked a lot today!

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Golden Pavilion and the Rock Garden really rocked!

Under the super good weather, we first got off the bus to visit Wara Tenjin where portable shrines had been prepared for the soon coming festival!

5 minutes walk from there took us to the Golden Pavilion which was shining and shining.   Two bus stops ride took us to the Rock Garden where Shingo used to hang around in his college days 30 years ago.

We ate lunch at Ritsumeikan University which Shingo was graduated from and were headed to Hirano shrine where Flower viewing events were in active  While Shingo was greeting to the School head of Kyoto International Academy, which will hos us during oour study abroad program, Students enjoyed visiting Kitano Tenmangu

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at NIshijin Textile Center to enjoy shopping and Kimono show!

Night meal was our only group dinner joined by a two students of Shingo, who were traveling around Japan individually.  With addition of some school staff from KIA, we had a great time. 

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Walking from Kiyomizu through Yasaka in slight rain!

Slight raining weather welcomed the first full day of our trip.  It wasn't too much raining, we followed the original schedule and began climbing the hill to Kiyomizu dera-temple to overlook the Kyoto city from the famous Kiyomizu cypress stage and observe cherry blossoms in Jishu Shrine in it.

From Kiyomizu, we walk through Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka to get to the Maruyama Park to see THE Cherry Blossoms in half bloom.  After enjoying lunch after visiting Yasaka Shrine, we were headed to Sanjusangen-do temple to greet 1001 statues of Buddha for mercy.

Late afternoon through night was spent in the central city area, Shijo Kawaramachi to energize for the next day!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wow! COD Spring Group got to Kyoto safely in March 2015!

8 students with me arrived in Kyoto for College of DuPage international field studies.  All Nippon Airways carried us from Chicago to Osaka/Itami via Narita airport!

Everyone is fine and seems to be ready for the adventure beginning tomorrow on Sunday 3/29.

It may rain slightly tomorrow but we will enjoy even raining!