Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Second Test has done in classes!

GTS had to attend the board meeting for the Association of Teachers of Japanese(ATJ) over the weekend. Luckily enough, the meeting was held in Arlington Heights so I didn't have to travel too much! This is one of the two national organizations for Japanese education in the US. GTS was a president of the other organization (NCJLT) in the year 2004-2005. The second test has just done for Japanese 1101 and the average seems to be the same as the last one (72%). A few students may withdraw after this because no Roma-ji after Lesson 3, which will become the biggest challenge to students. Hopefully no one left behind!! Oh, JCC/GTS dinner night is coming up this Friday (10/2) and would like to see many of you there!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Japanese class for parents at the Dooley School began!

The Dooley Eelementary School (K-8) in Schaumburg, IL has dual language program (12 Japanese native speakers and 12 English native speakers in one class are learning everything in both Japanese and English). This is the only program at the public school in the United States available. GTS began teaching Japanese language and culture to parents so that they can learn Japanese together with their kids and help homework, etc. The class is basically on every Friday night (5:30~7:00pm). Well the first class went well and I am sure everyone could enjoy GTS! Due to this class, GTS/JCC dinner will begin at 7:00! Next dinner will be on Oct. 2!!
By the way, the Application for Summer Study Abroad program began coming in!

Former classmates in GTS class got married!

On this very memorable Saturday, Ashley and Russ had the wedding ceremony at the Morton Arboretum! Congratulations! I believe that they met and got know with each other in GTS Japanese class about 5 years ago! I am very happy to see them together and hope their partnership continues to be fruitful and peaceful! I planned to attend with my little EMA and she was so excited as well until she got a bit sick! Too bad, but her little smile should have reached Ashley and Russ as well! This is a little too personal but one of the best events for my former students! Congratulations again!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Test Completed!

Both 1101 and 2201 had the first Information festival this week. The average of those tests are 72-3% for both. This has been expected, so it is good. Scores range from 100% to 4%!! The size of the class may shrink a bit after returning the test result to each student. Now the application form for 2010 Summer Study Abroad Program is ready to be distributed!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Over 40 GTS Clan members showed UP!

The dinner was incredibly successful with over 40 people showing up. It was so many comrades that I even could not keep my seating place! Over a dozen former study abroad participants with some new faces! Maybe 6 female students from Hiroshima attracted quite a few folks! GTS was so happy to see all the smiling comrades and got really energized and ready to 'scare' students in class! Besides students from Hiroshima and COD, they were from DePaul U, Elmhurst C, North Central C, UIC, IIT, NIU, Eastern Michigan U, etc. Thank you for all for the beginning of the academic year 2009! Next dinner? Too early to worry but it will be on Friday 10/2/2009! The first quiz will be coming up on Tuesday next week at 1101 so there will be more empty seats in class after that!!