Saturday, August 23, 2014

ALL the planned Classes got enough students successfully and move forward!

Japanese 1100 (Culture and Civilization Class) finally got 10 students to be ready to move forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Language classes are all in good shape and as a whole more than 20% increase in number of students.

Japanese 1101
MW 10am class  Full,  TTh 10am class Full   MW 5pm class 18    TTh 7pm class 12
Total 79

Japanese 1102
MW 1pm class 17

Japanese 2201
MW 7pm class 17

I am very excited to see this increase!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Semester isquickly approaching!

As of 8/12.
MW  10-12noon    20
        5-7pm        11
TTh  10-12noon    25 (FULL)
        7-9pm          5 (needs a few more)

MW  1-3pm     16

MW  7-9pm     13

JAPANESE 1100 culture and Civilization
Tuesday  12-3pm     6 (needs a few more)    

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Japanese 1100 Culture/Civilization class needs a bit more!

This is the very first time to offer Japanese 1100 in fall during the daytime.  So far 6 students registered and I am hoping to get 4,5 more.

In this class, we will watch some feature movies as well as many video clips to understand underlining cultural thoughts and customs of Japan.

Everyone is welcome!

Language classes look very balanced and good.

Japanese 1101
MW 10-12-------16
MW  5-7  -------11
TTh 10-12-------22
TTh  7-9 --------5 (needs a few more!!!!!!!!!!)

Japanese 1102
MW 1-3 --------16  (Wow!)

Japanese 2201
MW 7-9 --------10

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014-2015 Academic Year is just around the corner! Register now!

New Academic Year is coming up soon.  This academic year is kind of trial to break the past customs.

There will be no daily classes this year.  All the classes will be meeting twice a week for two hours!

Available language classes and their current number of registrants.

Japanese 1101 (1st semester)
Monday and Wednesday 10am-11:50am 15
                                   5pm- 6:50pm   7
Tuesday and Thursday   10am-11:50am 22
                                   7pm- 8:50pm   5

Japanese 1102 (2nd semester)
Monday and Wednesday   1pm- 2:50pm 14

Japanese 2201 (3rd semester)
Monday and Wednesday    7pm-8:50pm 11

Japanese Culture and Civilization class
Japanese 1100
Tuesday                         12:00noon-2:50pm  6

Classes at a moment seem to be good.