Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wow, Septemer is just around the corner! GTS dinner!

This is the first week of September, so this Friday (9/2) is the JCC/GTS dinner night. I hope many can make it for this first dinner of this academic year!

Japanese classes are now shaping up a little. The first quiz on numbers in Japanese is today so I might lose some students but so far just about 60 students are spread into my 3 classes of 1101.

The Labor Day weekend is coming up! On Tuesday right after that, about a dozen Japanese students visit me at COD from Hiroshima Jogakuin University.

It seems that we have some hot and humid weekend here in Chicago. Maybe this is the last summer-like days!

Friday, August 26, 2011

First week of the semester was over!

Since there was no particular assignments to submit, I lost only a couple of students in each morning class. But by the time when we are in the middle of Lesson 1, there will be the wave of withdrawal coming up probably!

1101 (including my friend's class) has total 83 students and 2201 has 15 students which is ideal. first time offering of 1102 in the fall semester gave the learning opportunity to 8 students and our highest level class 2251 has 4 students as usual.

It seems that more students than before are showing their interest in our summer study abroad program, which is probably natural when we reflect what has happened in Japan this year!

The only our concern is higher value of Japanese YEN which I hope getting devalued soon.

Overall, good start!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fall Semester Begins tomorrow!

Time really flies and tomorrow is the very first day of the semester and official beggining of my new office work at newly renovated BIC 2625F! It has been already filled up with important 'garbage'!!!

Morning 1101 classes are both filled with some in the waiting list. My early evening class has still 10 more seats available (M/W 5:00~6:50). T/Th night class (7:00~8:50) taught by my friend Prof. Imamura has a couple more seats to fill!

As our first time experience of having 1102 class in fall, only 7 students registered this time, but I am sure it will increase down the road. No cancellation of these classes with fewer students as I will take care of them as much as I can! That is what GTS means to be!

Flower (SAKURA) viewing trip to Japan during the spring break of early April (3/31/2012~4/8/2012) and Regular Summer Study Abroad (6/19/2012~7/26/2012) are also ready to get registration as well as application.

Waubonsee CC Japanese 101 has been also filled with over 25 students!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The academic year is just around the corner!

COD faculty must unfortunately begin the first school day tomorrow and the forst class of the new academic year is coming up on Monday!

Japanese 1101 has 20 more seats left! GTS is now ready to occupy the new office located in BIC 2625F and all the party goods have been moved also into my new office!

Regardless of taking a GTS class or not, everyone is welcome to my office. It is a bit difficult to find it under current construction phase but I do hope you to try visiting me!

Spring SAKURA flower viewing Japan educational trip is accepting students (the trip will be between 3/31/2012 and 4/8/2012!) as well as 2012 summer study abroad in Kyoto (6/19/2012~7/26/2012)!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow! Renovated Building now but easy to be lost!

In two weeks, new classes will begin! As COD construction project goes on, GTS office has been moved to the newly renovated side of the BIC building (precisely 2625F) close to the entrance 2.

Still a lot of mess are going on within my office as usual, but you should visit me once the semester begins. I have checked all the classrooms that I am supposed to use, They are quite spacious and comfy.

4 classes (one will be taught by my friend teacher) of 1101 will be filled. But our new project of offering 1102 in Fall semester needs more students! Those who were not satisfied with what was learned in 1102 last Spring should hopefully join!

One sad news is to cancel 1100 which is so-called global classroom project seminar on which we could meet and discuss with students in Japan real-time! Maybe next time!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

MITSUWA Summer Festival! HUMID!!!

Though a bit raining early in the morning, it got clear and very humid during the day when usual Mitsuwa Summer Festival was held. GTS happened (as expected) to meet with quite a few current and former students as well as fellow teachers and colleagues and parents of Ema (daughter)'s friends!

There were many cultural performances as well as some Karate demonstration. As we have just returned from Japan a few days ago, this festival let study abroad participants become some what nostalgic!

GTS Dinner was so lively with about 20 people!

First dinner of this academic year was filled with laugh and smile. Interestingly 3 students who stayed at the same family showed up and some who stayed in the same family in the past gathered as well. What a coincidence!

About 20 people showed up including new students from Japan studying at North Central College brought by a GTS former student. Topics of discussion varied and socialization continued!

Fall semester is coming in 2 weeks. 1101 has 40 seats left and will be filling up quickly towards the beginning of the semester.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Study Abroad 2011 completed! Yeah!

GTS came back to Chicago O'Hare International Airport with all the participants.
Our flight was fairly on time except for taking too much time to go through US Immigration at O'Hare as many flights from all over the world arrived almost at the same time!
No major medical incidents and accidents are, indeed, the sign of success of the program this year.
How much every one's trans-cultural competence was improved varies as every one's personality and social habit greatly influence it. I am, however, very sure that all made significant improvement in language proficiency, social awareness, corroborative activities, mutual assistance, etc.
I do hope everyone continues or begin learning Japanese! Thank you for your support!