Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I sincerely hope that every GTS' students had a good time on Turkey Thursday! Japan doesn't have the same tradition but family gathering like Obon (Mid-August) and Oshogatsu (New Year Day) might be the equivalent. I got a huge PORK piece to be cooked for "Yakibuta" piece into Ramen noodle on Wednesday. We all enjoyed special RAMEN! Don't you think its really unique? Well, a big Te-form quiz is waiting for 1101 students after the break. Next weekend is the first Friday so the movie and dinner are coming! There will be the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in DePaul University on Sunday (12/7/2008). GTS is one of the leaderships for this worldwide event with Prof. Chikamatsu and Prof. Matsugu there. Oh! That is the Pearl Harbor Day!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Teacher Award was presented to GTS in Orlando!

The National Japanese Teacher Award was presented to GTS on Saturday here in Orlando! Though no money came with the Award, lots of warm words came from many Japanese language teachers across the America as well as Australian and New Zealand! If you want to pursue your Japanese language study anywhere in the US and Oceania regions, you may take advantage of mentioning GTS to make things easier! Sure, I did go to the Magic Kingdom and the Sea World with little EMA who was too excited there! EMA attended the Award Ceremony and got lots of "Kawaii" and got happier as well. I got several nice and new textbooks I may be able to use next academic year, too. Hope to bring some nice stories and warm weather back to Chicago soon!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Marrying Couple from GTS class!

The invitation (Invitation of the invitation letter) letter came in for the Wedding scheduled in September 2009! This is the second couple (that I know of ). A few years ago, Karen and Preston got married and now blessed by a twin! They met in my Japanese class and raised their love. Preston went to Japan in COD Study Abroad program and stayed the family where Steve stayed this summer. So he loves Japan! GTS actually arranged their honeymoon in JAPAN! Next fall Ashley and Russ will get married somewhere. Ashley attended the Japanese class up to 2202 and good at cooking and knitting so we enjoyed her cake during the class! I am happy to see students getting more proficient and knowledgeable in Japanese. No doubt about that. The event like this, however, 'two students who met in the GTS class getting married and moving to the next stage of their life' makes me even happier!

Friday, November 14, 2008

National Conference in Orlando is coming up!

The Teacher Award will be presented in Orlando this coming Saturday. I will fly over there to get recognized and bring some warm weather back here. Right before leaving here, there will be Chapter 5 test for 1102 to be ready for THE MOST DENSE and CRITICAL Chapter 6. Those who have been surviving through Chapter 5 may prepare themselves to struggle for better future. Chapter 6 main topics include, 'Complete conjugation table for Adjectives,' 'Dictionary form of Adjectives and Verbs,' 'Te-form (connective form) of Adjectives and Verbs,' etc. GOOOOOD LUCK!

Monday, November 10, 2008

COD Board Recognition of GTS!

The good news has just come in from GTS' associate dean of the humanities sub-division of Liberal Arts Division saying that GTS will be recognized as "THE Best College Teacher of Japanese in the US this year"
Here is a quote: "I just wanted to let you know that you will be recognized by the Board of Trustees at their meeting on Monday, December 8. The Board will re-award you the certificate that you receive later this month at ACTFL. A couple days prior to the Board meeting, you will be contacted about your plaque. --Again, congratulations on your award and thank you for your service to Japanese language study."
December JCC dinner will be the celebration with royal students of GTS. This type of recognition will never be possible withOUT GTS students' support! The recognition must be share with GTS students! How? I don't know but I DO know there is no such things like free 'A' grade to any students!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

25 GTS Family members gathered!

While just a handful students enjoyed one of the most hilarious movies, about 25 GTS family members gathered at the regular JCC dinner last night. A half of the entire 2201 classmates showed up with their Japanese friend and 3 current 1101 night class students showed up (though no announcement was made in class! Students will find out by themselves what we are doing if they are really curious, right?). Others are coming from my former classes including Japanese 1100 (Honor Seminar), Elmhurst College, DePaul University, NIU, etc. First 5 people at the dinner was wondering in the large room if enough people would show up! hahaha! Too many and did not fit in! Well, hoping this tradition would continue in a good manner! Join us next time on Friday, 12/5/2008!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Friday of the month is coming up!

This coming Friday is the JCC Dinner day. It will be held at the same location (Kyoto Sushi in Downers Grove) following the Cinema afternoon. The movie of this month can be found at the JCC website linked in this Blog. Since the movie takes only 85 minutes, it will begin at 4:30pm on Friday this time. It is a comedy for everyone! Oooops! I have to grade all the 1101 chapter 4 tests while watching the election news. Those who saw me wearing 2 stickers of 'I voted' today knows how much that vote counting scan tron machine hates GTS! I hope to see all GTS family on Friday night at the dinner even though 2201 test is coming up on Monday next week!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spring Registration Begins at COD

Despite the fact that students will continue to be suffering from harsh educational challenge for acquiring the basic Japanese skill, some students have already registered in the second semester. The morning class will be consolidated into one 11am class and 2 evening classes stay as they are now (even though the printed schedule didn't mention 5pm Tu-Thu class). Two field trips to Japan are still scheduled. Not many days are left for the December trip to register but the March trip is expected to be filled rather quickly. The study abroad program application has just begun and the application form can be picked up from GTS. Early application is the key as the study abroad program is expected to be filled way before the deadline.
1101 class will take Chapter 4 test on Monday tomorrow to further shrink for less survivors!