Saturday, January 18, 2014

A week has passed in the Spring Semester!

Japanese 1101 (first semester) classes began with over 50 students in two classes though they have already begun shrinking.  GTS is hoping that 30 would stay so that there will be enough students for 1102 in the fall semester!

Japanese 1102 also began with almost full and 2201 this coming fall seems to be very promising.

2202 has 14 students and this is a big improvement from last year.

2201, which had a dozen students last year, is now only having two excellent students but they will be well taken care of this semester.

Spring trip has almost 10 students and this is twice as big as the trip last year!!

Summer Study Abroad official registrants are now already 6 and some are on their way so the trip will go no matter what!

Special class of Japanese 1100, culture and civilization of Japan, has just enough students to run so we will have a good time together over reading, watching, discussing, etc.

Over all good start!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Spring Semster 2014 begins in a few days!

The Spring semester classes will begin on Wednesday (1/15/2014).  Two classes of Japanese 1101 and Japanese 1102 seems to be filled by the first class!!! Japanese 1102 night class will still go on though it is a small class!

Unfortunately Japanese 2252 was cancelled due to the low enrollment which was predicted, but Japanese 2201 will still go on even though there will be only a few students in it! (MyAccess screen of COD website may not show this class at a moment but will come back on soon)

Japanese 2202 (4th semester class) has about 10 students but 4,5 more students are expected to be registered so it will be the larger class than usual!!

Japanese 1100 (Culture and Civilization of Japan) will be the small class but students in it will have a lot of fun with various discussion and activities!

The Spring break Japan field trip has 6 participants so far and a couple more are expected to register so the trip will GO!

The summer Study Abroad has 4 students registered and quite a few are expected to come as well!

Over all it is a good start in the year 2014.