Thursday, May 27, 2010

Study Abroad Orientation well-done!

Preparing for COD Summer Study Abroad in Japan next month, all the participating students gathered for its orientation last weekend. 16 students are going to Japan in June and they are from COD, Harper CC/CLC, Waubonsee CC, NIU, DePaul, Johns Hopkins, Devry! It will be a good sized decent group, I hope! GTS is now ready for getting to Kansas City, MO for AP Japanese test reading for two weeks between 6/4 and 6/17! There will be a new part-time teacher at COD night class for Japanese 1101 (M/W 7-9) and she will be a good buddy for GTS beginning this fall. Don't think about avoiding GTS' famous educational 'torture' but I am sure everyone will love her class as well! By the way, Japanese 1101 in GTS class has already 14 students out of 75 slots! There will also be the field study in Japan during the Christmas break and 1 student registered as of now! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ALL Final Exam finished! Some couldn't survive:(

While all Japanese ANIME fan are enjoying ACen, GTS is busy working on grading! And finally realized 25 students survived at JAPAN 1102 out of 33 students. (75% survival rate this year!)Everyone passed at 2202 and 2252. Grade distribution is: 11 A's, 3 B's, 4 C's, 4 C's, 3 S's and 6 F's unfortunately in 1102. 2 A's 1 B and 4 C's in 2202. 2 A's and 4 C's in 2252. Hopefully those who could not survive will try it again in future!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Final Dinner in the 09-10 academic year went well!

Though GTS was a little late, over 15 royal members showed up and partied well. Some are going to Japan as a JET, some are ready to go to Japan for study abroad, some are looking for English teaching jobs in Japan, some are still be ready for the final in my class! The next dinner is planned on AUGUST 6 as soon as GTS comes back from Japan study abroad program! The final exam week is coming up and all the final exams on my class this year are SCANTRON! I am looking forward to seeing how everyone does! Now I have to Begin preparing the study abroad orientation! Before even going to Japan, I still have a big job as a AP Scoring reading leader in early June!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Already May!

A few more days before the Final Exam Week and every student must be busy in all the subjects. Students in Japanese classes must decide 'just to finish the course' or 'to ge the Pass/Fail option' or 'withdraw from the course.' This coming Friday will be the JCC/GTS dinner and would like to see many people!