Thursday, December 18, 2014

FALL semester and the Year 2014 is now concluding!

Time Flies before up-dating the information!!
The final examination week has now ended and the grade distribution of Merciless GTS is as follows:

JAPANESE 1100 (Culture & Civilization)     3A's        1C           5F's
JAPANESE 1101(Elementary I 1st sem)  18A's   11B's   5C's   3D's  8F's
JAPANESE 1102 (Elementary II 2nd sem)   4A's   3B's   3C's   2D's   1F
JAPANESE 2201 (Intermediate I 3rd sem)   4A's    2B's    5C's        5F's

Well, I produced quite a few F's as usual but the number does not tell a lie though I tried hard.

Spring Schedule is now available.
JAPANESE 1101 (Elementary I)    T/Th 9-11am       M/W 7-9pm    
JAPANESE 1102 (Elementary II)   M/W 10-12noon   T/Th 7-9pm
JAPANESE 2201 (Interm. I)          M/W 1-3pm
JAPANESE 2202 (Interm. II)         M/W 5-7pm

Spring Break Trip to Japan has 4 students in it now and a few more are expected to come!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

3 months have passed so quickly this fall

A few months really passed quickly while adjusting myself with some new stuff!
No daily classes any more and it seems that twice a week format will stay for a while.

Japanese culture club is active and its meeting has been held every Friday afternoon.
Officers were appointed for the foreign language honor society Alpha Mu Gamma.

Spring semester registration has begun and Japanese 1101 is filling up in a good manner.
So classes in Spring are:

Japanese 1101       Mon/Wed 7pm-9pm      Tue/Thu 9am-11am

Japanese 1102       Tue/Thu   7pm-9pm      Mon/Wed 10am-12noon

Japanese 2201       Mon/Wed   1pm-3pm

Japanese 2202       Mon/Wed   5pm-7pm

Japanese 1100 (Global INMP) culture class     Tue   12noon-3pm

GTS/JCC Dinner night has been continuing on first Friday of every month.

So there will be the dinner night on 11/7 and 12/5 this year!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

ALL the planned Classes got enough students successfully and move forward!

Japanese 1100 (Culture and Civilization Class) finally got 10 students to be ready to move forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Language classes are all in good shape and as a whole more than 20% increase in number of students.

Japanese 1101
MW 10am class  Full,  TTh 10am class Full   MW 5pm class 18    TTh 7pm class 12
Total 79

Japanese 1102
MW 1pm class 17

Japanese 2201
MW 7pm class 17

I am very excited to see this increase!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fall Semester isquickly approaching!

As of 8/12.
MW  10-12noon    20
        5-7pm        11
TTh  10-12noon    25 (FULL)
        7-9pm          5 (needs a few more)

MW  1-3pm     16

MW  7-9pm     13

JAPANESE 1100 culture and Civilization
Tuesday  12-3pm     6 (needs a few more)    

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Japanese 1100 Culture/Civilization class needs a bit more!

This is the very first time to offer Japanese 1100 in fall during the daytime.  So far 6 students registered and I am hoping to get 4,5 more.

In this class, we will watch some feature movies as well as many video clips to understand underlining cultural thoughts and customs of Japan.

Everyone is welcome!

Language classes look very balanced and good.

Japanese 1101
MW 10-12-------16
MW  5-7  -------11
TTh 10-12-------22
TTh  7-9 --------5 (needs a few more!!!!!!!!!!)

Japanese 1102
MW 1-3 --------16  (Wow!)

Japanese 2201
MW 7-9 --------10

Sunday, August 3, 2014

2014-2015 Academic Year is just around the corner! Register now!

New Academic Year is coming up soon.  This academic year is kind of trial to break the past customs.

There will be no daily classes this year.  All the classes will be meeting twice a week for two hours!

Available language classes and their current number of registrants.

Japanese 1101 (1st semester)
Monday and Wednesday 10am-11:50am 15
                                   5pm- 6:50pm   7
Tuesday and Thursday   10am-11:50am 22
                                   7pm- 8:50pm   5

Japanese 1102 (2nd semester)
Monday and Wednesday   1pm- 2:50pm 14

Japanese 2201 (3rd semester)
Monday and Wednesday    7pm-8:50pm 11

Japanese Culture and Civilization class
Japanese 1100
Tuesday                         12:00noon-2:50pm  6

Classes at a moment seem to be good.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Every student of GTS from Japan arrived in CHicago safely!

All Nippon Airways brought every student back to Chicago safely and now everyone is facing THE routine with some missing feeling!

Life goes on and Japan will never go away from us, so let's go back to Japan in one way or another!

Fall semester is approaching and all Japanese classes listed on the schedule look good.

I hope more people register next couple of weeks right before the beginning of another great academic year 2014-2015!

Spring Trip to Japan is waiting for you between 3/27/2015-4/5/2015.

Summer Study Abroad is waiting for you between 6/25/2015-7/30/2015.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Commencement and Farewell Party Done!

2014 COD Summer Study Abroad Program has officially come to the end with the commencement and farewell party with host families!!

The hot and humid weather continue and students will maximize their experience until the very last minute of the day after tomorrow!

No major injury and sickness is now proving our great success of the program in the 16th summer!

Hope everyone continues to study Japanese and come back to Japan some day!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Tenjin Festival with the fireworks!

The final day for the schooling is the 25th of the month when Tenmangu Shrine's monthly cerebration and a flea market be held!

The annual Tenjin Festival in Osaka is today and we went to Osaka to enjoy some venders and
sacred boats, venders, etc.

People people people.  All over but good weather and good festive atmosphere!

The final project performance and commencement and the party will be tomorrow!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Buddhist Scripture Writing in Daikakuji!

At the Daikakuji temple which is located off the Arashiyama area, everyone had an experience of calligraphy (scripture writing).

It was quite hot and humid but this temple area towards bamboo walk sites have been a lot better.

Small path after small path, we were walking through bamboo forest and get to the Hozu river in Arashiyama.

Our final trip will be tomorrow at Tenjin Festival in Osaka!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deer and the Huge great Buddha in hot and humid Nara!

As the rainy season has gone, we are now having very hot and humid day.

32-34 degree Celsius (90-95F) will get us tired soon, yet our afternoon endeavor continues.

Deer were expecting us to give some food and the giant Buddha Image was just smiling on sweaty us.

We, though we lost some on the way, could manage ourselves to get to Kasuga Grand Shrine after Todaiji Temple before heading back to Kyoto!

A couple more days left and we are now wrapping up our extraordinary study abroad trip!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kamigamo Shrine--THE GTS AREA!

We went to Kamigamo Shrine and enjoyed some water in the little stream yet the heat had never gone away.

We walked down to the Kamigamo Elementary School where GTS was graduated from and walking around many small paths that GTS was so familiar with!

We stopped by a couple of public parks where GTS was playing around some 40 years ago!

I was happy to share with my childhood life with students!

We will be heading to Nara tomorrow to greet some deer and the giant Buddha!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Phoenix Pavilion re-opened!

There have been for about a year or two, the Phoenix Pavilion was under re-finishing the structure.  So the entire pavilion building was covered last year but this year it is stunning!

The entire structure was just like the design of Japanese ten yen coin!

Stream of the Uji river was very swift and looked dangerous as usual but the scenery was just gorgeous!

The three-day long weekend is ahead and it seems that everyone has already solid plan during this period.!

Another hot and humid productive day was over!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gion Festival Parade and Shimogamo Shrine!

After getting together at school, students were led by the KIA teachers to see the Gion Festival Float/Portable Shrine Parade.  Many wore Japanese summer cotton kimono and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Japanese SAKE museum was closed so after taking a group photo we left for Kitaoji Town for lunch break!

From the Kitaoji Town bus terminal, a city bus took us to the Shimogamo Shrine and famous Kamo River Park!

Another great day has passed.  10 days to go!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kurama Temple through Kifune Shrine!

The Eizan Train took us to the foot of the Mt.Kurama and we climbed up to the main hall of Kurama Temple from which we got into the Mt. Kurama and followed the way Minamoto Yoshitsune took.

This mountain route led us to the other side of the mountain where we could visit Kifune Shrine which is famous for water deity.

From the shrine the long walk took us back to the train track where we could catch the train back to the Demachiyanagi Station.

Main parade for the Gion Fetival will be tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meiji Confectionery Factory Tour

In the middle of the schooling in the morning, we ended the class a bit earlier so that we could visit the Meiji Confectionery Factory located in Osaka (Takatsuki-city).

After having lunch at Saiin station area, Hankyu train took us to Takatsuki.

We (I) forgot getting off the train in Takatsuki city to change the local train so we skipped the designated train station. lol

We made it on time and enjoy some snack gift as well as factory line of producing the main snacks!

Very steamy day but better day than a rainy day!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Osaka Castle welcomed us!

Due to the possible rain, we changed a plan a little bit and went to Osaka Castle which everyone could compare with one in Hiroshima which was way smaller than Osaka one.

Many students got together to enjoy watching World Cup Soccer Game and looked sleepier but the young blood would not let them take a rest!

We had a little rain but it was a good rain in terms of creating a cooler breeze!

Our trip has two weeks to go but everyone continues to maximize his or her experience!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tiring Hiroshima trip but meaningful!

Round trip between Kyoto and Hiroshima was terribly tiring but it was meaningful in a sense that everyone could hear directly the story from A-Bomb victim in Hiroshima who is still bravely alive.

Hour in Hiroshima was shorter than hours in a bus yet everyone tried to maximize his or her experience of long ride of the bus as well as one visiting spot of Hiroshima Castle.

When we visit Osaka Castle, everyone can compare with some castles as well.

We are just in half way through the program!

Friday, July 11, 2014

No typhoon and playing with monkeys!

The anticipated typhoon avoided us and fled to northeast where quite a few people suffer!

Instead we had a very sunny sticky muggy day with some sudden shower on the way to get the monkey park on top of the Mt. Iwata.

Monkeys were having fun, chasing with each other, jumping into the pond, swimming, etc.

The weather has been actually very cooperative and we are basically on schedule.

We are heading to Hiroshima tomorrow!  Yes, 5 hours one way on the bus!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The typhoon seems to avoid challenging us!

Although the typhoon made a lot of problems and did kill a man in the southern area of Japan, it seems avoiding us!

This morning did begin with slight rain but almost no rain during the day which was lucky for us to have the afternoon excursion.

We visited the Nishijin Textile Center where everyone enjoyed some shopping as well as KIMONO Fashion SHOW!

It is expected that the typhoon will pass near us over night and we will have a good day tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tanukidani Mountain

This afternoon we went to Tanukidani Fudo-in where my sempai works as a head monk.  Long up hill road and 250 steps challenged us and some even pass through the temple and went into the Hiking course.

We got s precious talk from the Head monk, Ryokai, and got really close to Fudomyoou (the Immovable)

Heavy pouring rain attacked us while we were at the temple so we waited for a while until the rain stopped.

Though the typhoon is approaching but we had another meaningful day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fushimi Grand Shrine to Tofukuji Temple

Right after the class we took a bus to Demachiyanagi Keihan Station where we had a lunch break before heading to Fushjimi by train.

Because of the exceptionally early typhoon directly hitting the southern part of Japan, the warm front was stimulated and we had an exceptionally warm day (about 95F, or 34C).

We walk up through thousands of Torii-gates to get to the top of the shrine mountain where I lost everyone but one student, which was much expected!!

Everyone took their own way back instead of waiting for my instruction to go to another beautiful temple!

Well, we had a good day!

Monday, July 7, 2014

1001 statues of mercy buddha greeted my students!

It has been a slight raining from the morning but by the time we finish schooling and lunch it stopped!

We had a couple more students joining us from France and Russia!  We are all mingled and having a lot of fun!

Typhoon seems to be approaching us but so far not much problems, even better not to have heating days!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Martial Arts Dojo Experience!

Some students joined the special weekend opportunity of Martial Arts Practice.

Learning various self-defense techniques as well as observing different kinds of Martial Arts Performance.

Though it was pouring rain outside, those who joined today had a great and unique experience.

I hope they will remember the technique that they learned today in a possible critical moment in future.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Silver Pavilion or Ginkakuji Temple!

After lunch we visited the Silver Pavilion, Ginkakuji-temple whose neighborhood enjoyed GTS birth some half a century ago!

Where is the silver?  No such things!

Well, To ponder this issue, students could stroll along the Philosopher's Trail!

Once deviated from the Trail, we got to the main street where we could enjoy the ATM machine and the bus ride.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Heian Jingu Shrine under the rain!

Unfortunately or fortunately, it was raining all day long but it was in a sense the best day to visit Heian Jingu Shrine garden which is the largest garden in Kyoto city!

Everyone was annoyed by raining but enjoying hopping stones and feeding carp and snappers!

After observing Heian Jingu Shrine, we were headed to Kyoto Handicraft Center which was recently innovated!

It seems that the rain will continue tomorrow then we can go to Sanjusangen-do!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nijo Castle and its garden!

After having lunch in the school area, the bus No.50 took us to the right in front of the main gate of the Nijo Castle.

The main hall has been famous for it squeaking Nightingale corridor.  This particular hall was used for the last Shogun of Tokugawa to return its power to the emperor in 1868 known as Meiji Restoration.

The main hall gate has just re-roofed and now is a shining brass.   After walking around its garden students were dismissed and went to wherever they like.

Since Kyoto Manga Museum is famous and very close to the Nijo Castle, quite a few went to the museum where they can freely go in and out with their Kyoto School ID!!!

Another gorgeous day!  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kiyomizu-dera Temple to Yasaka Shrine!

Under the nice steamy weather we walked from Kiyomizu-dera Temple on top of the hill to Yasaka Shrine through Maruyama Park which is famous for Cherry Blossoms in Spring.

So many shops from Kiyomizu Temple through Kiyomizu-zaka, Sannen-zaka, Ninen-zaka to Kodaiji Temple!

On the way the huge image of Buddha for Mersy (Kannon) was watching down us!

Nice walk under the sun hopefully made everyone refreshed! 

Everyone looks good and our speedy adventure will continue!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Eikando (Zenrinji) and Nanzenji-Temple

After eating lunch in the school area, we went to Eikando (Zenrinji Temple) for which the maple leaf (Momiji) has been famous.

We left Eikando for Nanzenji Temple.  Until the last trip last summer, I would call my mother as she lived closer to the Nanzenji temple.    Now she is in the assisted living community, so I felt a bit sad.

The weather was exceptionally ideal for travelers like us and we all felt good!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Koshien Baseball Park Rocks!

Everyone with GTS had the great experience for observing and enjoying Japanese way of cheering at the ball park!

Having fun together with the greatest fanatic crowd was really refreshing!

Everyone gathers and discuss how he or she would spend the First Sunday!

Sunday next week will be Martial Arts Trial for everyone!

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Golden Pavilion in a cloudy day

Yesterday there was heavy shower during the visit to the Rock Garden, and it was almost the same weather today.

Yet, fortunately we were not caught in the rain today and it was rather gorgeous weather for us.  Our lunch was at the different cafeteria in Ritsumeikan University.

Though the Golden Pavilion was not too shinny, 600-year old Bonsai Pine Tree was still energetically welcomed us.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

First day went exceptionally well!

Usually it is difficult for students to successfully commute to school on the first day of the program.

No one got lost this year!  Amazing! We went to the Rock Garden this afternoon after eating lunch at Ritsumeikan University cafeteria.

Right before leaving the Ryoanji-temple (the Rock Garden) heavy shower began pouring so we stayed another half hour before rain would stop.

No bad news on the first day, which is the great sign of another successful year!

The golden pavilion is waiting for us tomorrow!

Monday, June 23, 2014

14 Students and GTS are now heading to Japan!

GTS is now ready for going to Japan with 14 students.  All Nippon Airways will carry us to NARITA where we will stay over night before heading to Osaka and Kyoto.

Once we arrived the Kyoto International Academy, 2 will join from China, One from France and another from UK will join our group!

We will have a fun educational Trip!!

See you from Japan!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

14 students are now ready to go studying abroad in Japan!

The Two-day Japan Study Abroad orientation has completed with more excitement among students from College of DuPage, Columbia College, and Prairie State University.

There will be 4 female students and 10 male students leaving Chicago on Monday 6/23 for 5 weeks.

There are several students from Russia, France and Thailand joining our group during the program, which will make our trip more educational and trans-cultural!

As usual, we will visit Hiroshima for peace studies as well as other cultural activities.

Stay tuned for daily activity report soon.

GTS will have to go to Salt Lake City for 2 weeks prior to the Study Abroad program for scoring Advance Placement Test for Japanese language and culture.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Study Abroad Orienntation is just around the cornor!

14 students (4 women and 10 men) will go to Kyoto, Japan this summer!  This is the 16th year since the first summer study abroad program was conducted. 

Over 300 students went to Japan with GTS by now including short winter/spring programs.

No major accidents/incidents for these 15 years, which is great and GTS feels owing a lot of his students for this success.

This safe tradition will continue as long as GTS is leading the program and GTS will let every student maximize his or her Japan experience.

Another happy thing is that there will be about 15 students taking summer Japanese 1101 program at COD main campus taught by my friend, Date-sensei, and hopefully some will coontinue their study in fall!!!!!!!

GTS Japanese program at COD is growing and expanding and GTS is moving forward with students support even though some students fail GTS class yet challenge it again.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

All the grades for Japanese language courses are now determined!

Most students are having fun in class but it does not mean they can pass the class.
The grade distribution for the Spring 2014 is:

Japanese 2202 (Fourth semester):
A:2  B:1   C:6  D:2

Japanese 2201 (Third semester)
A:1  B:1

Japanese 1102 (Second semester)
A:6   B:0   C:3   D:6   F:2

Japanese 1101 (First semester)
A:5   B:9   C:7   D:6   F:6

I am glad to see students in the second year, somehow, passed!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fall Semester Registration is underway!

There will be a new format introduced to Japanese 1101 for the first time!

1101 morning classes used to be held daily 4 days a week (Mon-Thu). 
This particular daily format will be gone thiis upcoming Fall semester.

ALL Japanese 1101 classes will be 2days a week format, which, I know, is quite a challenge.

So Japanese language classes in Fall are:

Japanese 1101 (First semester)
Mon and Wed    10am-11:50am, and 5:00pm-6:50pm
Tue and Thu     10am-11:50am, and 7:00pm-8:50pm

Japanese 1102 (Second semester)
Mon and Wed     1pm-2:50pm

Japanese 2201 (Third semester)
Mon and Wed    7pm-8:50pm

Besides these language classes, GTS will offer Japanese Culture and Civilization class
for the first time in Fall daytime.

Japanese 1100
Tuesday  12:00noon-2:50pm

Hope many can come.

Oh, yes, Spring Break Japan Field Trip 2015 and Summer Study Abroad Japan 2015 are, of course coming up!

Almost the end of the Academic year!

May is just around the corner and GTS is getting busier for concluding the semester as well as preparing the Study Abroad Orientation and monitoring the enrollment for upcoming Fall semester!

This semester has been the great semester as one interesting study group was created within the Japanese 1101 class and they are collaboratively making an effort to overcome hardships!

1101 this semester began with 50 students and about a half of them seems to pass the class.
Hopefully over a dozen students continue to study at Japanese 1102 in Fall, which is likely.

2 students of 2201 will pass the class with the decent grade and about 10 students will pass 2202, which is the 4th semester.

Though 1102 night class has only 5,6 students, I am hoping that with some dozen students in the morning class 2201 class in Fall will be a good class!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Playing with Deer in Nara on the last full day

Final day of the program was to visit to Nara to greet the Giant Buddha statue in the World Largest Wooden Structure.

We walk from the Great Buddha Hall through the April Hall, Tamukeyama Hachimangu Shrine, Mt. Wakakusayama, to Kasuga Grand Shrine where we could observe many families bringing their new born babies to be blessed!

After having lunch, on the way back to the Hotel, we stopped at the Kyoto Station where we can see the entire Kyoto City from the rooftop Garden called Happy Terrace.

The trip was almost concluded with the best timing and best weather!

Now we are heading back to Chicago, through Osaka and Tokyo with All Nippon Airways!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Whiskey, Ramen and Castle!

Under a bit cold and windy weather, we visited Suntory Yamazaki Distillery which began operating in 1923.  Recently Suntory bought Makers Mark in Kentucky.  We learned a lot about Japanese Whiskey. 

From the Distillery, we were headed to the Instant Ramen Museum where everyone had a chance to create his or her own cup noodles!

Under the full bloom of Cherry Blossoms, our group reached to the magnificent Osaka Castle to experience being in the warring states period of Japan.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Superb weather for Cherry Blossoms!

Under the ideal weather, we visited Daikakuji temple where everyone tried writing Buddhist scripture, Han'nnya Shingyo using brush.

Cherry Blossoms in its beautiful garden are in full bloom and we encountered some sort of movie shooting.

From the mountain garden of Tenryuji temple, we saw clearly the easy part of Japan.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Official Announcement of Cherry in Full Bloom!

The weather report agency declared the full bloom of Sakura in Kyoto.  In order to take advantage of this best timing, we first visited Eikando-Zenrinji Temple from which we were headed to Naykuoji Shrine, the starting point of the Philosopher's Trail.

All the cherry blossoms along the Philosopher's trail were in full bloom, which led us to the
Ginkakuji, The Silver Pavilion. from which all the city from the east end was visible.

After lunch, everyone enjoyed the shopping at Kyoto Handicraft Center before the final stop at Sanjusangen-do where 1221 statues of Buddha of Mercy (Kannon) greeted everyone.

At night in Gion, we had a chance of tasting some Japanese Traditional Performance including Tea, Gagaku, Kyogen, Bunraku, and so on.

Another perfect day!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Golden Pavilion and the Rock Garden rock us!

Much warmer day let us visit the Golden Pavilion and the Rock Garden before lunch at Ritsumeikan University where the 2014-2015 Entrance Ceremony was held.

So many freshmen walk around campus to show their energy and hope.

Near the University is the Hirano Shrine where the Sakura viewing festival was going on with lots of tourists.

After walking through the Kitano Tenmangu Shrinem we got to the Nishijin Textile Center where we can enjoy the Kimono show and some authentic shopping!

The group dinner was at the local tavern where GTS invited several local friend teachers!

It was the perfect day!

Monday, March 31, 2014

First full day under the sunshine and the full bloom!

Rain has gone and the sunshine led us from Nijo Station to Daigo-ji Sanpoin Temple where Toyotomi Hideyoshi's original cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

After the lunch break we were headed to Nanzen-ji temple near the Incline Plane which was used for bringing water from Lake Biwa to the Kyoto Canal years ago.

Students has a chance to see GTS' mother on the way from Nanzen-ji temple to Heian Jingu Shrine having the largest garden in Kyoto..

While enjoying full bloomed cherry along the river, the subway took us to our final stops of Nijo Castle and Shinsenen Shrine.

We walked good 6-7 miles today rather enjoyably.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Field Trip to Kyoto has begun!

GTS arrived in Kyoto with 8 students safely in slight rain.  The trip this year required over night stay in Narita, which gave students some opportunities to see around Tokyo from the train from Narita to Haneda, Tokyo International Airport.

As soon as getting to the hotel, we visited Yasaka Shrine and Maruyama Park.

Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto has just begun blooming beautifully!  

The trip continues!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Now flying to Japan with 8 students!

Spring Kyoto Trip is about to begin with 8 participants!

Cherry Blossoms seem to be waiting for us.

We will stay over night in Narita and travel
into Osaka on Sunday!

Friday, February 14, 2014

First test shapes up classes!

The first chapter test has done for each class and now the active number of students are getting clearer.

Japanese 1101 (The First Semester) class has 44 students who are equally distributed into two classes.

Japanese 1102 (The Second Semester) class is surprisingly continuing with 23 students, which is quite impressive.

Japanese 2201 (The Third Semester) class is a special class with two students.

Japanese 2202 (The Fourth Semester) class has 13 students which is more than enough good students!

Spring Trip to Kyoto, Japan has 8 students, and ready to go to Japan at the end of March for 10 days.

More surprisingly, Summer Study Abroad Program this year is quickly filling up all slots and as of now 13 students are for sure going to Japan with GTS this summer, Amazing.

GTS is now experiencing one of the greatest semesters!

March Dinner will be 3/7/2014!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

February begins with professional development workshops for Japanese teachers!

February begins with professional development workshops organized by GTS and the consulate general of Japan at Chicago.

The guest facilitator was Yo Azama who won the foreign language Teacher of the Year of 2012.

Over 50 teachers from IL, IA, IN, WI, MN gathered and learned and discussed common issues on Japanese language teaching.

2/7 Friday will be the first day of the GTS/JCC dinner of the year 2014 which will celebrate the birthday of GTS!

Spring trip has 8 participants traveling together to Japan with GTS and so far summer study abroad  has 7 official registrants already and will grow over a dozen members soon.

Very chilly cold but the great winter so far!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A week has passed in the Spring Semester!

Japanese 1101 (first semester) classes began with over 50 students in two classes though they have already begun shrinking.  GTS is hoping that 30 would stay so that there will be enough students for 1102 in the fall semester!

Japanese 1102 also began with almost full and 2201 this coming fall seems to be very promising.

2202 has 14 students and this is a big improvement from last year.

2201, which had a dozen students last year, is now only having two excellent students but they will be well taken care of this semester.

Spring trip has almost 10 students and this is twice as big as the trip last year!!

Summer Study Abroad official registrants are now already 6 and some are on their way so the trip will go no matter what!

Special class of Japanese 1100, culture and civilization of Japan, has just enough students to run so we will have a good time together over reading, watching, discussing, etc.

Over all good start!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Spring Semster 2014 begins in a few days!

The Spring semester classes will begin on Wednesday (1/15/2014).  Two classes of Japanese 1101 and Japanese 1102 seems to be filled by the first class!!! Japanese 1102 night class will still go on though it is a small class!

Unfortunately Japanese 2252 was cancelled due to the low enrollment which was predicted, but Japanese 2201 will still go on even though there will be only a few students in it! (MyAccess screen of COD website may not show this class at a moment but will come back on soon)

Japanese 2202 (4th semester class) has about 10 students but 4,5 more students are expected to be registered so it will be the larger class than usual!!

Japanese 1100 (Culture and Civilization of Japan) will be the small class but students in it will have a lot of fun with various discussion and activities!

The Spring break Japan field trip has 6 participants so far and a couple more are expected to register so the trip will GO!

The summer Study Abroad has 4 students registered and quite a few are expected to come as well!

Over all it is a good start in the year 2014.