Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fall 2016 is over!

Fall semester 2016 is now over.  The distribution of letter grades is as usual.
2201/2251     3A's  7B's  2C's  2D's
1102              3A's  2B's  6C's  2D's
1101              9A's  5B's  7C's  3D's  and 12F's

Spring Semester registration is going on and all the classes seems to be held.  No cancellation due to the enrollment.

Spring Flower Viewing Trip to Kyoto has amazingly 13 students in it and soon to be closed.

Summer Study Abroad Japan has 5 registrants and abot 12 more are expected to register.

Dollar value is going up so we are in good shape!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Fall 2016 is now closing!

Time flies.  The fall semester 2016 is about to end.  As usual I lost many students from 1101 but those who registered 1102 and 2201 survived quite well.

Now the Spring Semester registration is open and many classes are waiting for you.
1101  Tue & Thu 10-12 and 12 to 2 (2 classes)
1102  Mon & Wed 10-12 (1 class)
2201  Mon & Wed 5-7pm (1 class)
2202  Mon & Wed 1-3pm (1 class)

Plus  1101 Tue & Thu  7-9pm (taught by Imamura-sensei) will be open as well.

Spring Break trip has already 11 participants and will be closed shortly

Summer Study Abroad anticipates 15 students (according to my recent memo) and 3 have submitted their application and likely to be admitted.