Friday, September 28, 2012

Alpha Mu Gamma & JCC excursion to Morton Arboretum!

The first event of this year planned by Alpha Mu Gamma (Foreign Language Honor Society) was the excursion to Morton Arboretum near the college with corroboration from Japanese Culture Club today.

The event was so successful with over 15 participants including several language professors from COD!

Morton Salt has been so famous in super markets and we have first learned that this famous Morton Family is deeply related with the arboretum which was used to be their residence!

GTS brought 3-year old Rina with him, and coincidentally bumped into the field trip by SUMIRE Kindergarten (Japanese Kindergarten in our area) and met her friends as well!

It was the last Friday of the month but certainly good Friday! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Japanese 1100 'Civilization and Culture of Japan' will be offered Spring 2013!

GTS has just attended the marvelous information session about Global education Project called INMP and would like to participate this International (simulation) Negotiations Module Project!

Our Japanese 1100 class will act academically and professionally as "Japan" to discuss several common issues around world so that the critical thinking skill as well as social negotiation manner of each student must be trained and utilized.

It is GTS' sincere hope to have enough students to join this eye-opening opportunity to obtain and nourish 'trans-national competence' to wisely survive in this rapidly transforming world today!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Alpha Mu Gamma (Foreign Language Honor Society) got really active!

With a few leadership, COD Foreign Language Honor Society (Nu Alpha Chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma) has so many excited plans this year.

The first field trip is coming on Friday (9/28/2012) for the guided tour of Morton Arboretum nearby our Glen Ellyn Campus.

In October, there will be the field trip to Pilsen co-sponsored by Casa De Amigo!

Criteria for society induction is 2As from the same language classes and 3.0 overall GPA.

However, everyone can join the club as a member!

Japanese Culture Club re-launched!

Club management is always a challenge as everyone is graduated or transferring/leaving within the short time of period.

As usual, all the officers from the last semester left COD and JCC has just begun from the scratch with a few volunteering Japan fan this week.

Some are from other Asian countries, and some are from Japanese history class, and others are those who are starving for some excitement with Japan stuff!

GTS is just very glad to see quite a few showed up to re-establish and energize JCC.

First test has done for every class!

Begin with smaller number of students this year, but life goes on and a test comes to everyone regularly.  Every class went through its first lesson and the test was conducted.

The average of the test for Japanese 1101 is just about 80%, 1102 is 75%, 2201 is 70%.  These numbers show the test was just right for everyone.

Oh yes, I did, indeed, lost some students in 1101 but it is within my prediction.   Students are usually too nervous at the first test but gradually getting used to it and will feel just fine and I am sure they will enjoy class in their own way.

Japanese Culture Club is just ready to launch with new volunteering officers and GTS is just excited to see how the club this year will be developed.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

September begins!

September began and the first dinner night will come to this coming Friday (9/7/2012) at usual place.  It has been the tough start this year as we have less students at the beginning of the semester for Japanese 1101.  But we will make it without any problems for sure.

The second year Japanese 2201, however, has been more promissing with 16 students.  First test for all the classes is coming up soon so all the classes will shape them up furthermore.

Japanese Culture Club officers transfered to other institutions so leadership is under recruitment!