Thursday, April 30, 2009

JCC/GTS dinner tomorrow!

Time really flies! The first Friday of May is coming up tomorrow and we have only ONE week left for this semester! GTS's second daughter hasn't been born yet but she might show up in this world during the DINNER! The final exam week is coming up soon and GTS really hopes everyone can do well at any exams! For Japanese? Hey, surviving and passing are the most important as everyone might have been realized!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

To the Final Chapter for Elementary Japanese Class!

Only one chapter is left for Japanese 1102 and every survivor will be ready for the next step of the challenge at Japanese 2201 in Fall. Chapter 11 test has just completed and the average score was 75~80%. There will be one more chapter to go before the summer break (break? if any). Some survivors may transfer to another institution successfully but those who stay in COD are expected to continue onto Japanese 2201. The 2201 is projected to be a small class with about a dozen students and will be held on Monday and Wednesday between 5 and 7pm as usual.
Wow, next week Friday will be the JCC/GTS dinner night already! GTS's second daughter may arrive in a few days! I hope the dinner will be the kind of celebration for a new life!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

JET Interviewer Appreciation Dinner!

I attended the JET Interviewers appreciation dinner at the official residence of Consul General in Evanston. I have learned that about 140 people are going to Japan as a JET this summer and this Chicago group is the largest group in the World! Compared to 180 JETs last year, this number seems to be fairly low even though the number of position stays the same in Japan. This is probably because many JETs renewed their contract since it is difficult to find a job back in the states under this recession. So it is a bit unlucky for those who applied this year. Usually many alternate candidates end up going to Japan, which is good but not likely this year! I hope all the former GTS students can go!! Dinner? It was super and since it was a Buffet style, GTS was the first one in the line out of 40 people and made 3 round trips!!! mmmmmm~!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Help the Program Review Process!

Some knows already about the Program Review at COD. If you are/were taking Japanese class at COD, please visit the flollowing website and complete the survey!
1102 is now getting into Chapter 11 and the end of the book is nearing! The survivors in the class seem to be ready to struggle and the average score of Chapter 10 was about 80%! I am hoping that all survivors continue to go on to 2201 in Fall!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

over 30! fellows showed up at the dinner!

Surprisingly many fellows showed up at the dinner last night! From NIU, DePaul U, U of Chicago, Loyola, Eastern Michigan U, North Central C, Elmhurst C, etc. Many folks have just bump into each other and enjoyed reunion! Some have just come back from Japan trip with GTS! Time really flew away. I am very glad to have such a nice lively group every month! Next one will be May 1!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

JCC dinner tomorrow!

Jet lag is still around me but I am looking forward to have the movie and dinner tomorrow! Time flies! Already April! Japan trip was great but a little too chilly unfortunately. The chilling weather continues here in Chicago with possibly snow! Ahhhhhh! Students in 1102 are getting fewer and fewer but I believe that those who survived will be successful in their lives. There are still some spot left for the study abroad program in summer! Join us!