Sunday, September 22, 2013

First test was completed for every class!

Every class had a first test and now we will probably see some withdraw!  1102 and 2201 students know that the real challenge come to them so I don't expect them to withdraw
as we all work together for survival!

Quite a few students show their real interest in summer study abroad program so I am fairly optimistic about the program.

There will be the study abroad promotion event on Tuesday, 10/8 and all my 1101 morning students will show up there to feel the opportunity by themselves.

Believe it or not, Spring Break Japan Trip has already two people signing up and I began getting excited about the Spring already!

Japanese Culture Club soon has a meeting!

Friday, September 6, 2013

JCC/GTS first dinner this academic year was overwhelmed by over 20 participants!

First Friday night of the month today was the dinner night and over 20 people showed up for exchanging smiles and some recent news!

Students from over 10 years ago and former study abroad participants as well as current students at COD enjoyed talking among others at this first dinner!

October dinner will be on Friday (10/4/2013) and GTS anticipates that the newest students will join us!

Great smiles and great laughter are always energizing not only myself but also everyone!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

No.1 Growth in Liberal Arts Division Humanities Subdivision! Go GTS!

Though we regrettably canceled one morning class of 1101, the total number of Japanese program participation exceeds way over 100 head count!

Within Humanities subdivision (All the languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Humanities, History), Japanese got number 1 growth by increasing about 20% compared to last year number.

Japanese will continue to grow for sure under GTS leadership!

Summer study abroad, and Spring field trip to Japan are both accepting registration now!

Spring Trip to Japan will be between 3/21/2014 and 3/30/2014.

Summer Study Abroad Japan will be between 6/20/2014 and 7/25/2014.