Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tea Ceremony Demo Blasted!

Over 40 students and teachers and community people enjoyed the almost-authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony (Cha no Yu) yesterday with the tea practitioner, Ms. Akiko Sato. She brought almost all the materials and decorative scrolls, etc to the college to show 'traditional tea serving.'

Those who participated the actually ceremony, Otemae, were my students in their 5th semester of Japanese and went to to Kyoto this past summer as a study abroad student.

Everyone in the audience had a chance to taste the traditional Japanese tea and enjoyed a little moment of Japan!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

My talk-show went so well!

As exactly as I planned, my talk-show got all the audience into smiles and laugh and everyone seemed to get relaxed before the actual Taiko Drum Performance.

It was great to see some of community fans of mine and I really felt that I am supported by people in my college community!

Hopefully those students who got free tickets from me enjoyed both my talk and the performance!

Next Wednesday (10/26/2011) has the Japanese Tea Ceremony great performance by the local tea master I invited!

Japanese Tea Ceremony is coming to COD!

COD's foreign language honor society, Alpha Mu Gamma, hold the Japanese Tea Ceremony Demonstration conducted by the local Tea master on Wednesday, 10/26/2011 (next week)!

The ceremony lecture and demonstration will begin 2:30pm at SRC 2800 on 10/26.

I hope many people have a chance to take a look at the actual "way of tea," a part of martial arts!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Japanese Taiko Drum is Coming and GTS Talk!

There will be Japanese Taiko Drum performance at our Art center (MAC) this coming Friday at 8pm. (10/21/2011) This Taiko Group is called "Yamato" originated in Asuka village of Nara, the ancient capitol of Japan (~784).

GTS has no particular relationship with this group but will give a talk prior to the show about maybe drum maybe not.

Hopefully many will show up to enjoy both GTS talk show and the actual Taiko performance!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

1st weekend of October is passing!

Last night was the first Friday night on which GTS dinner was held as usual. About 15 people showed up and one new student joined from 1101 and got motivated to study! (Hopefully) Some came after a long while and one brought his fiance!!! Congratulations!!

Today is the day of the field trip to the Anderson Gardens which is the largest authentic Japanese garden in the United States. The trip was planned by Alpha Mu Gamma (Foreign Language Honor Society) which I am the co-advisor of.

32 people went together and had a great time under the great weather. We went to the very nice but reasonable Japanese restaurant nearby the Gardens in Rockford, IL.

We were all refreshed and energized!!