Saturday, September 24, 2011

Classes are gradually shrinking but....

1101 will have the second test this week as well as 1102 and 2201. 1102 and 2201 are very stable classes without losing students but 1101 classes are now getting smaller though official number in the registration hasn't changed.

First application for study abroad program 2012 is on its way to my office, it seems. So the program has very bright future next summer!

October is just around the corner and hopefully April Japan Flower viewing Trip will get many participants!

Friday, September 16, 2011

First test for every class has been completed!

It is already mid-September and GTS is staying in Chicago downtown hotel to participate in the workshop, "Imagining Japan: Literatures, Arts and Religions." This workshop is a joint project of the East-West Center and University of Hawaii in Collaboration with: The school of the Art Institute of Chicago and College of DuPage and funded by the Japan Foundation. I want to prepare some new discussion materials out of this workshop and utilize in my future classes. These classes will be Japanese 1100 and/or Humanities 1800 (Field Trip to Japan)

During my stay in the hotel, I have finished grading of tests.
The average score of 1101 and 2201 is about 80% and 1102 is 75% as projected. After this first test I will probably lose some students from 1101 as usual.

Spring semester schedule has been now published and there will be 2 classes of 1101 (day and night) and 1102 (day and night) as well as 1 class 2202 at night.

Friday, September 2, 2011

First GTS/JCC dinner of this academic year went well!

Though this is the Labor Day long weekend, 13 people showed up at the dinner. Within this group, there are 4 couples! What a nice evening. Some were those who have not seen for a long time and we had enjoyed our talk about summer experiences!

Those who went to Japan with me (5 out of these 13 people) want to go back to Japan in one way or another. One may even join my next trip to Japan in Spring 2012!

Classes are going well so far but after next week (which is after important "10th day" for COD) I will lose students gradually as quizzes and tests pass.

Hopefully everyone retains acquired Japanese after the Labor Day!