Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Fall semester ended!

The Fall semster of 2012 has ended and be ready for the Spring 2013.
Final Tally of the Fall is:

Out of 41 students of GTS 1101:
A=14, B=7, C=11, D=2, F=6, and Incomplete=1
Well, 34 students out of 41 students survived somehow.  (83%)

Out of 11 students of 1102:
A=3, B=3, C=2, and D=3 all survived.

Out of 14 students of a 2201:
A=2, B=3, C=5, Satisfactory=1 and F=3  (79% survived)

Hoping those survivors to continue to be in class!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Huge Group Dinner atthe end of 2012!

Over 25 people showed up at the final JCC/GTS dinner tonight and enjoyed chatting, smiling, laughing photo taking, etc.

Japanese Culture Club officers, former students, curremmt students, future students, all those people came in.

I am hopiing this tradition will continue next year and more people would show up!

Next dinner will be in February (2/8/2013)!

Monday, December 3, 2012

JCC/GTS dinner is coming up!

Worldwide Japanese Language Proficiency Test has just passed yesterday at DePaul University in Chicago where GTS served as one of the head members of administration!  Some 400 Japanese learners tool this test!

The final JCC/GTS dinner is coming up this Friday (12/7) and I am looking forward to meeting many students and fellows.

I am still hoping to get more students registering newly offered Japanese 1100 class (Culture and Civilization of Japan) and also Spring Break Field Trip to Japan!!

Japanese 1101 (off-sequence course) in Spring has already 23 students registered and look good and I do expect two classes being filled by the beginning of the semester.

Summer Study Abroad is almost ready for getting all the applications and very likely to have many students going Japan with GTS in summer 2013!