Thursday, December 18, 2014

FALL semester and the Year 2014 is now concluding!

Time Flies before up-dating the information!!
The final examination week has now ended and the grade distribution of Merciless GTS is as follows:

JAPANESE 1100 (Culture & Civilization)     3A's        1C           5F's
JAPANESE 1101(Elementary I 1st sem)  18A's   11B's   5C's   3D's  8F's
JAPANESE 1102 (Elementary II 2nd sem)   4A's   3B's   3C's   2D's   1F
JAPANESE 2201 (Intermediate I 3rd sem)   4A's    2B's    5C's        5F's

Well, I produced quite a few F's as usual but the number does not tell a lie though I tried hard.

Spring Schedule is now available.
JAPANESE 1101 (Elementary I)    T/Th 9-11am       M/W 7-9pm    
JAPANESE 1102 (Elementary II)   M/W 10-12noon   T/Th 7-9pm
JAPANESE 2201 (Interm. I)          M/W 1-3pm
JAPANESE 2202 (Interm. II)         M/W 5-7pm

Spring Break Trip to Japan has 4 students in it now and a few more are expected to come!