Thursday, April 23, 2009

To the Final Chapter for Elementary Japanese Class!

Only one chapter is left for Japanese 1102 and every survivor will be ready for the next step of the challenge at Japanese 2201 in Fall. Chapter 11 test has just completed and the average score was 75~80%. There will be one more chapter to go before the summer break (break? if any). Some survivors may transfer to another institution successfully but those who stay in COD are expected to continue onto Japanese 2201. The 2201 is projected to be a small class with about a dozen students and will be held on Monday and Wednesday between 5 and 7pm as usual.
Wow, next week Friday will be the JCC/GTS dinner night already! GTS's second daughter may arrive in a few days! I hope the dinner will be the kind of celebration for a new life!


chibi said...


Jerry said...

Wow, it feels like just yesterday you posted on your blog you would be expecting another baby! How time flies!

Also, though it would do very, very little to further the understanding of Japanese culture (which is the purpose of the Japanese Culture Club!), I recommend watching Oneechanbara: The Movie! Bikini cowgirls killing zombies with swords. It's like someone opened up my brain, took everything I love out of my head, and then made a movie out of it!

Do you have any suggestions for those of us continuing on to 2201 in the fall so we don't forget everything in the 110X classes???

GTS said...

We went to the hospital on Friday night for NOTHING! We came back home and I even attended the symposiun at Northwestern University. As of 9pm on Sat. 'Rina' has no intention to come out! -GTS

GTS said...

For retaining what we learned in 110X for next fall, I have to come up with some 'homework or assignment' for summer break. I'll look into it. -GTS