Sunday, May 31, 2009

A dozen GTS Loyalists showed up at the dinner!

Though the dinner was held at the end of the month instead of the beginning of June, there were a dozen people showed up and enjoyed the last seasonal dinner before the next academic year! Next one will be on the first Friday of September (9/4) possibly joined by some Japanese students from Japan! Registration for fall courses are moving well and 80 spots are left for 1101 as of the end of May. 2201 and 2251 are wide open! Now 2251 class meeting time has been decided and it will be between 2:00ish-pm and 4:30ish-pm on Thursday, once a week. The orientation for Summer Study Abroad program is currently underway and our group will depart on Wednesday 6/24 flying directly to Tokyo by All Nippon Airways and transfer to the domestic flight to Hiroshima where we will conduct the Peace Studies as well as enjoying the professional baseball at the newly built MAZDA stadium!


Juria said...

WHAT? did it STILL not register me?? I even went to COD like last week and they fixed it for me @____@ everything was supposed to be ok


GTS said...

Juria! You are in! No worry! -GTS

Juria said...

oh ok ok XD thank god