Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GTS is back in Chicago! 1101s are CLOSED!

GTS made a presentation at the academic conference held at Ritsumeikan University on Sunday 8/9 and left Kyoto next day for Yokohama with Ema to get ready for taking off Narita! On Tuesday, a big earthquake hit Shizuoka stopped both Shinkansen and Main highway from Kyoto to Tokyo. We were lucky! 11-hour flight took us back to Chicago! Wow! Japanese 1101 classes have all been closed! JISABOKE (Jetlag)!!!!!


wes said...

Did you bring home award winning Japanese Whiskey? :-P

GTS said...

Wes! Sorry! Earthquake took it! -GTS

wes said...

Sigh... thats ok, i don't drink!