Saturday, December 5, 2009

GTS/JCC 2009 Final Dinner with 30 comrades!

GTS/JCC 2009 final dinner was successfully finished with 30 participants! Many of past study abroad participants from DePaul Univ., Eastern Michigan Univ., Art Institute of Chicago, etc joined as well as a married couple those who met with each other in GTS' Japanese language class some years ago! Their twin boys were born on 12/23/2007 exactly two years after GTS' little Ema. Moreover two students who joined the dinner for the first time from DePaul are planning on participating in COD Summer Japan Study Abroad Program in 2010! Wow! 2010 summer program seems to have many energetic students! Honor Seminar has almost completed and it will come back next fall as a joint project of Japanese Culture Class (Japanese 1100) and Social Problems Class (Sociology 2220)!
JCC/GTS dinner will shift to the last Friday night of the month beginning in January; 1/29/2010 and 2/26/2010!

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