Thursday, April 22, 2010

Almost the end of the academic year!

1102 has just finished its 5th test and the average score was just over 70%. It is almost the time for each students to decide how to finish the course! Some may have to withdraw to keep a good GPA, some may not care about the grade, some may switch from letter grade option to Pass/Fail option. About 35 students are still actively in class and hopefully some dozen students may continue onto 2201 in fall. We lose some good students by transferring to other institutions! Study Abroad Program is soon coming up and I will be busy preparing for it. There will be 16 participants this summer! The fall semester schedule book came out yesterday and four 1101 classes and one 2201 and 2251 as well as the famous honor seminar 1100 are listed. We will be getting a new part-time teacher this fall! 1101 will be at 10-11am and 11-12am daily, 5-7pm on Mon/Wed, 7-9pm on Tue/Thu. 2201 will be at 7-9pm on Mon/Wed. 2251 will be 2-5pm every Wednesday!

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