Saturday, May 8, 2010

Final Dinner in the 09-10 academic year went well!

Though GTS was a little late, over 15 royal members showed up and partied well. Some are going to Japan as a JET, some are ready to go to Japan for study abroad, some are looking for English teaching jobs in Japan, some are still be ready for the final in my class! The next dinner is planned on AUGUST 6 as soon as GTS comes back from Japan study abroad program! The final exam week is coming up and all the final exams on my class this year are SCANTRON! I am looking forward to seeing how everyone does! Now I have to Begin preparing the study abroad orientation! Before even going to Japan, I still have a big job as a AP Scoring reading leader in early June!


Anonymous said...

嗨嗨!您好,我是silvia :)

Silvia said...

嗨嗨!大力神您好!我是Silvia :)

GTS said...

Silvia! 你找到了我的。好厉害哦。-GTS