Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Golden Pavilion in the rain!

One student began studying Japanese in the new class. The sunny humid afternoon almost suddenly changed to the rainy day after the lunch at Ritsumeikan University and some got wet by the end of the excursion to Golden Pavilion, which was still beautiful in the rain. The rainy season still continues here in Kyoto but fortunately not so bad at a moment! Japanese 1101 has 27 seats taken out of 75 and 2201 has 7 seats taken as of today!


chibi said...

So much for the rainy season not being rainy anymore, ne?

It's raining a lot here too. There have been some pretty bad storms that've knocked out the power and stuff. >_<

Good luck keeping everyone in line~! Not that you need it... XD

GTS said...

Chibiiiii! I've heard that bad weather news there:( So far so good here. It is hot han humid and sunny today! I need good luck, too! -GTS

chibi said...

It's been super sunny this week, and it's supposed to be nice for the 4th of July! :D

Have you lost anyone yet?