Sunday, July 4, 2010

GTS with Ema bumped into students!

After heavy rainy day on Saturday, the weather improved a bit on Sunday when GTS went to Aeon Mall Hana in Nishioji-Gojo to get some clothing for Ema. After shopping Ema wanted to try again in "Kappa Sushi" (Revolving Sushi Restaurant) because she has been just tuned into Tekka-maki (Tuna roll)! While waiting for the table, 6 students came in!! "Oh, Shingo is here!" Well, they seemed to enjoy the mechanism of really inexpensive sushi restaurant. Hope to have a nice day on Monday!


Jonathan Brandt said...

I love kappa sushi! I lived right next to one while I was in Chiba. Did the one you were at have a shinkansen to deliver your sushi to you?

GTS said...

Sure, I saw they were playing with Shinkansen! -GTS