Saturday, September 18, 2010

The first test is completed and shrank as usual!

It has been a while since last time update due to the excessive busy work at the beginning of the academic year and still continues. Yet time goes by and first test of 1101 and 2201 has been completed. The average score of 1101 was 78% and 2201 was 80%. 1101 has always polarization at the beginning and no exception this time. There are two big groups. One was around 90% and another was around 65%. The morning class students at the beginning was over 50 in 2 classes, now 40 in 2 classes, so about 10 students have been beamed up! There are still opening for Christmas Japan Trip class, so you or your friend from anywhere in the United States are welcome. Summer Study Abroad 2011 application has now begun and already getting applications in. It seems that there 5 from COD are seriously interested and 3 from WCC. JCC/GTS Dinner for October will be coming up on Friday 10/1. Beginning around 7pm though GTS will show up around a little after 8pm since I have to teach business Japanese language to JET returnee at MITSUWA!

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