Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few more weeks to go!

1101 has been shrinking into almost a dozen regular attending students especially after the spring break as expected. 1102 still has about 35 students in two classes of which 15-20 students seem to continue to get into 2201 in fall and that is good. 1102 may not make it in fall due to the lack of students yet some current 1102 students may join! One excited thing is the new Learning Community Course (Interdisciplinary experience) between my Japanese 1100 (Culture/Civilization of Japan) and Political Science 2220 (World Politics) taught by Christian Goergen. Political Science 2220 will be on Tuesday night (7-9) and Japanese 1100 will be on Thursday night (7-9) and students must register both classes. We will virtually meet with Japanese students in Hiroshima real-time and discuss several global issues!!


Ismail said...

hey Shingo,

is the dinner this friday or next?

GTS said...

This Friday! Tomorrow!