Monday, August 8, 2011

Wow! Renovated Building now but easy to be lost!

In two weeks, new classes will begin! As COD construction project goes on, GTS office has been moved to the newly renovated side of the BIC building (precisely 2625F) close to the entrance 2.

Still a lot of mess are going on within my office as usual, but you should visit me once the semester begins. I have checked all the classrooms that I am supposed to use, They are quite spacious and comfy.

4 classes (one will be taught by my friend teacher) of 1101 will be filled. But our new project of offering 1102 in Fall semester needs more students! Those who were not satisfied with what was learned in 1102 last Spring should hopefully join!

One sad news is to cancel 1100 which is so-called global classroom project seminar on which we could meet and discuss with students in Japan real-time! Maybe next time!

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