Sunday, April 1, 2012

Safe in Kyoto, Japan! First day (SUN)

2012 Spring COD field trip to Kyoto Japan arrived in Kyoto safely though we had some delay due to the harsh weather.

First day began with getting some cash at Citibank before heading to Yasaka Shrine! There was an actual Shinto Wedding ceremony.

Maruyama Park Cherry hasn't bloomed yet but at least we felt some energy when seeing people trying save some spots for the night party.

Through sannenzaka and ninenzaka we got to Kiyomizu temple then going down the bowl slope )chawan-zaka) to catch the bus to go to Sanjusangendo where 1001 kannon statutes welcomed us.

In the afternoon we took keihan train to get to Uji area to visit the Phoenix Pavilion before heading back to the central area of Kyoto!

It was a great day.

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