Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Study Abroad Japan 2012 BEGAN!

Everyone got together at about 5am at the departure gate for the first flight from Chicago to Minneapolis.  It left on time and arrived on time for the second flight heading to Seattle!  The connection of DELTA was more than perfect!  Our flight reached to the gate next to the gate for flight to Kansai, Japan.

Everyone was quite happy and we met many elementary school kids from Alaska heading Japan!
In comparison to the former flight (which was still Northwest), Delta seemed to make some improvement.

We got to Osaka Kansai International Airport on time and went through immigration and custom very quickly without any problems.  Personally last time we used Kansai Airport was 5 years ago but I am thinking to use it again in future.

Everyone got to Japanese School around 7:30pm and host families picked up assigned students right away.

Well, hope everyone makes it tomorrow morning!

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