Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time flies and flies!

Once getting into November, the end of the year seems to come very fast!  Indeed, 2 weeks have been passed in November and GTS is about to be heading to Philadelphia to attend the annual conference for ACTFL/AATJ (American Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages/American Association of Teachers of Japanese).

GTS is the leadership of AATJ-Community College SIG and also one of the board members of AATJ.  Mostly GTS is overlooking the students activities for Japanese learners of K-16 throughout the United States.

We have launched the Japanese National Honor Society for Community College Students this year and I am ready for inducting several next semester!

For COD classes, usual withdrawal from classes mounted and now 47 students are in 1101.  GTS is really hoping that all these 47 students would pass the course!

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