Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spring Semester is now coming up!

GTS has driven back to Chicago after the round driving trip to Orlando, FL for 10 days!  Refreshed and ready for the new semester!

Well, it seems to be a bit slow for every student to register classes.  So I am hoping that every class will be ready on Monday 1/7 before the beginning of the semester on 1/10!

So far,
Japanese 1100 (culture and civilization of Japan, not language)---- 7 students
Japanese 1101 -----41 students (just enough)
Japanese 1102 -----30 students (more than expected)
Japanese 2201 -----7 students  (a little more needed)
Japanese 2202 -----6 students (I know there are at least 5 more students to wait for registering to the last minute for financial reason!)

Spring Trip has 3 registered, hope fully a few more students join to go!
I will take them to Japan even if it is a smaller group!

I am just waiting for number rising!!


Mario Librizzi said...

Shingo-先生、I registered for the Spring trip today. Very exiting!

GTS said...

Yes, I saw it! Maybe a small group but we will go to Japan!