Friday, March 29, 2013

Giant Buddha smiled at us in NARA!

Everyone had a little chance to sleep in this morning, so we left the hotel at 10am heading to the Kyoto Station from which we began the trip to NARA.

While being surrounded by many deer we had a chance to greet to the Giant Buddha in full bloomed cherry blossoms.  Then we move forward to Todaiji the February Hall from which the entire Nara city view was gorgeous.

Through Wakakusayama Park we got to the Kasuga Grand Shrine, and Meoto Daikokusha. After enjoying many turtles and snappers in Sarusawa Pond , we headed back to the Nara Station through Higashimuki Shopping Arcade.

It was a great weather and now everyone began preparing for returning to Chicago.

Tomorrow?  Yes, Osaka Castle is supposed to wait for our visit!

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