Wednesday, June 19, 2013

About to leave for Japan for COD Summer Study Abroad!!

Wow, one and a half month has quickly passed!!  In the meantime, we had a orientation weekend for the study abroad to be ready for getting to Japan in a couple of days.  

Thanks to whatever and whoever have been working for foreign exchange, the dollar value goes up about 35% since the last summer program, which enabled us to get to Hiroshima during the program.

Last two weeks during the first half of June, GTS was working in Salt Lake City for AP Japanese Scoring as one of the leadership and exhausted for a while and now I am beginning to be ready for Japan Trip!!

COD is now preparing CHINA Study Abroad and I might help the establishment of the program with other language faculty soon.

Fall Registration is open and Fall classes are:
Japanese 1100 (Culture and Civilization, not a language)  6-9pm on Thursday
Japanese 1101 (First Semester of language)  10-11, 11-12 Mon-Thu; 5-7 Mon/Wed; 7-9 Tue/Thu
Japanese 1102 (Second Semester of Japanese)  1-3 Mon/Wed
Japanese 2201 (Third Semester of Japanese ) 7-9 Mon/Wed
Japanese 2252 (Fifth Semester of Japanese ) 5-8 on Tuesday

Spring Break Japan Trip will be 3/21/2014 through 3/30/2014
Summer Study Abroad will be 6/20/2014 through 7/25/2014 (Tentative)

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