Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Study Abroad Orienntation is just around the cornor!

14 students (4 women and 10 men) will go to Kyoto, Japan this summer!  This is the 16th year since the first summer study abroad program was conducted. 

Over 300 students went to Japan with GTS by now including short winter/spring programs.

No major accidents/incidents for these 15 years, which is great and GTS feels owing a lot of his students for this success.

This safe tradition will continue as long as GTS is leading the program and GTS will let every student maximize his or her Japan experience.

Another happy thing is that there will be about 15 students taking summer Japanese 1101 program at COD main campus taught by my friend, Date-sensei, and hopefully some will coontinue their study in fall!!!!!!!

GTS Japanese program at COD is growing and expanding and GTS is moving forward with students support even though some students fail GTS class yet challenge it again.

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