Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Super walking from the west to the east

Continuing beautiful day assisted us to walk a lot today.  We walk from the hotel to Nijo Castle via Sin'sen'en through allies.

After lunch break in Gion, we began walking from Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizudera temple through Maruyama Park, Kodaiji temple, Ryouzen Kan'non, San'neizaka, Ninenzaka and Kiyomizuzaka.

This tour spot was really crowded so after visiting Jishu Shrine, going down the Tea Bowl Slope (Chawanzaka) to get to the main Street (Higashioji).

We continued to walk to Sanjusangendo temple where 1001 statues welcomed us.  At night we had a glimpse of Japanese traditional performance such as, tea ceremony, Ikebana, Koto, Gagaku, Kyogen and Bun'raku.

A lot of accomplishment!

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