Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! The Year of Rooster has come!

Year 2017, the Rooster year has just begun and GTS is ready to move forward to raise cultural awareness with colorful diversity.  The focus is always between USA and Japan but trans-cultural undrstanding has no border!

COD Japanese class will begin on Monday 1/23/2017 so still three weeks remain to register the class.  All the classes are GO (green light) and Spring Trip to Japan has 13 participants and Sakura, the Cherry Blossoms, will wait for us!

JAPANESE 1101      TUE/THU      10am-12noon, 12noon-2pm, and 7pm-9pm
JAPANESE 1102      MON/WED    10am-12noon
JAPANESE 2201      MON/WED     5pm-7pm
JAPANESE 2202      MON/WED     1pm-3pm

Summer Study Abroad Program to Kyoto, Japan is also coming!
The orientation is 5/21-22/2017 (Sat-Sun)
The trip  6/19/2017-7/20/2017

Already 15 students have partially submitted the application and most likely be admitted!

Have a wonderful year!

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