Sunday, March 26, 2017

Nara day passed wonderfully!

The real first day in Kyoto really began with Nara day!   First, the city bus took us to the Kyoto station where we could get to Nara by Kintetsu train.  Under the good sun, we visited Todai-ji temple to greet the giant Buddha image and walk through February Hall from which we could see the entire Nara city.  

We continued to walk though Tamukeyama Hachimagu, Wakakusa-yama park to get to Kasuga Grand Shrine where we are luckily bumped into Shinto Style Wedding Ceremony.

After lunch in Nara station area, we went to back to Kyoto central city area where we walked along Nishi Market Street.  Though it started to rain, there was not much negative influence on our daily plan!

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