Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Back to the "normal" life!

As soon as coming back to Chicago, the regular life re-began.  Some didn't come back to class and there will be fewer students to complete every class!

Summer Study Abroad 2017 is now ready to leave for Japan on Monday 6/19/2017 with over 15 students like last year!

We will be joined by 10 students from Gerogia Southern University in Kyoto, which is very exciting!
Regular summer course at COD will offer Japanese 1101 and its students can continue to study Japanese 1102 in Fall.

The Fall semester classes are now announced.

Japanese 1101  (M/W 10-12, T/Th 10-12, 12-2, and 7-9pm)
Japanese 1102  (M/W 5-7pm)
Japanese 2201  (M/W 1-3pm)
Besides these classes, Japanese 2251 is under planning for those who completed Japanese 2202.

Spring Japan Trip 2018 has been proposed and soon to be announced!

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