Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Peace Study and Miyajima!

Over night Hiroshima Trip gave everyone a new experience!  As soon as we get to Hiroshima, we walk around in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park where we could stop by all the important spots including the hypo-center.

After walking around we visited the museum (under renovation) where we had a chance to listen to the first-hand story by the A-bomb survivor and made everyone think what they should live from now on.

At night, Students from Hiroshima Jogakuin Univerisity made their presentation about food in Hiroshima and taught everyone how to make Origami Crane!  They also took some students to the mid town for dinner and other enjoyment!

The second day (today) was for visiting Miyajima by ferry boat and went through Itsukushima Shrine under heavy rain!

It was a long bus trip but hopefully everyone had memorable experience.

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