Saturday, August 5, 2017

Japanese Classes in Fall semster 2017

GTS' 24th academic year at COD is just around the corner.  COD has been suffering declining the number of students for many reasons. 

Besides less and less students are taking night classes across the college.  Japanese classes are somehow surviving yet now hitting the wave.

The Fall classes will be:

Japanese 1101   10-12 (Mon/Wed) (TUE/THU)  12-2pm (TUE/THU) 7-9pm (TUE/THU)
Japanese 1102   5-7pm (MON/WED)
Japanese 2201   12-2pm (MON/TUE)
Japanese 2251   3-4pm (MON/TUE)

Spring Field Trip to Kyoto, Japan (Humanities 1800) can be also registered now!!
The trip is from 3/24/2018-4/1/2018

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