Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate Round1

Presidential debate seems to have nothing to do with GTS nor Japanese language/culture. Yet, we all must be responsible for the future generations. According to CBS poll, 51% thought Obama-san performed the better job. There was one interesting conversation exchange about "a mother" who lost her son in Iraq (so about 2 different mothers). McCain quoted as "the mother had told him not to make her son's death meaningless/ wasteful /useless...." Obama quoted as "the mother had told him not to create the similar mothers like her again..." In this exchange, I saw the parallel of "Remember Pearl Harbor" mentality vs. "No More Hiroshima/Nagasaki" mentality. GTS sincerely hopes that every student of GTS' will follow what's going on in the U.S. as well as what's going on in Japanese language/culture class! Both are really IMPORTANT!!


Surreal said...

I was walking around UIC last Friday and the concrete surroundings reminded me of out time in Hiroshima outside the museum building... I found myself thinking about the war half a century ago and that mentality again. Revenge is hardly the answer to benefit humanity all over. But for some people it's hard to break out of that crippling thought of "us vs. them."

GTS said...

When everyone can be able to stand in the "other's" place and hypothetically think well from "other's" position for any issues, all human beings can live together without conflict! We have to learn how to eliminate the border between "us" and "them." -GTS