Saturday, October 11, 2008

Workshop after Workshop, Test after Test!

Illinois Association of Teachers of Japanese had its Annual Fall Workshop at Elk Grove High School where some 20 teachers gathered. Teachers were mostly from Chicagoland area but teachers showed up from South Bend in Indiana and Urbana as well. GTS mainly talked about what is gong on about K-16 Japanese education in our area but also assisted the presentation about new development of AP Japanese test for high schoolers. In the officer election (which will be held every two years), GTS was elected as a President (though GTS rather wanted to work behind the curtain!! and did insist that way). Vice-President is from Walter Payton Magnet HS in Chicago CPS, Secretary is from Streamwood HS, and Treasurer is from Andrew Jackson Language Academy in Chicago CPS. GTS likes to be "KUROMAKU (黒幕)" as most GTS lovely students know but GTS can be front in local while being Kuromaku in national level. Ahhh, global classroom (JAPAN 1100) paper from Hiroshima came in, so I have to put them into English by Thursday(10/16). Huh? 2201 Test and Waubonsee Chinese 101 Test is on Monday(10/13) and 1101 Test is on Wednesday (10/15). Ooops! I almost forgot. I am one of organizers of Annual Professional Conference for ICTFL (organization for all foreign language teachers of our state) beginning on Thursday (10/16) through Saturday (10/18). Free time? What, in the world, are you talking about?
Hey! I love MY JOB and MY STUDENTS and MY COLLEAGUES. Just in case you wonder GTS family contribution, I would say Japanese people should never talk about it. GTS is now telling you that a little EMA's sister/brother is coming in May 2009! So GTS will be bankrupted and 'energy-rupted' Life Goes On. mmmmmm.


Julia said...



Man this makes things more complicated...more babies for the GTS trio to steal @____@

So very exciting!!

GTS said...

Thank you, Julia. You might be the first one to know the news! -GTS

Jerry said...

Congratulations, Shingo!!! The first thing you will have to teach us on Monday is how to say CONGRATULATIONS in Japanese!!!!

OH MY GOD! You couldn't possibly be any busier! When do you do things like eat or, you know, like BREATHE! How do you still have time for evil?

Surely the winner of the "endless spirit" award would have to be someone who could keep up with GTS!

GTS said...

Thank you Jerry. I hope that keeping up with GTS be worth trying! -GTS

Surreal said...

On the first minor note: I went to Walter Payton College Prep from CPS!

But on the REAL note: Oh holy wow! Juria and Chibs called and woke me up and told me, "You must go check Shingo's blog, right now! Important news!"

And I did and あかいちゃんにおめでとう!!

So exciting!! You will need to double your number of 家来 to help, ne!

御目出度う 御目出度う 御目出度う!!!!

chibi said...


^ Is that how that works? ^^;; ^

Aww, Sensei's so happy! It's cute! And GTS Trio is *SO* happy for Sensei and his wife and Ema-chan! X3

Does Ema-chan know/understand? Ah, how am I supposed to be twins with two people at the same time?! O_O Chibi also has her work cut out for her. :D

GTS said...

Tank you, the TRIO! EMA saw the ultrasound and said "Aka-chan-man is in PASOKON, too" She waves her both hands and say "Akachan man was doing like this! I begin planning to double the number of KERAI. -GTS



Wes said...

Shingo..... you might seriously be the most overqualified teacher in the history of COD.... why isnt your title like,

"Supreme Executive President of Teaching and Making Incredibly Hard Tests Delux" Satsutani

GTS said...

When you can translate that new title into Japanese or Kanji, I will think about it. Acronym must be the good one as well! Who has been victimized behind it? Maybe my wife! -GTS

wes said...

最高幹部社長は信じられないほどの授業と実験デラックスハードを作る ???


GTS said...

Now google translation's inability was proven! -GTS

wes said...

haha, ya i punched what it gave me back in and retranslated to english... it was gibberish

Jerry said...

Omedetou gozaimasu!

Is the kanji 'kotobuki' also appropriate? If it is, I've just learned how to write my first kanji!

If it isn't... I guess I just learned how to write my first irrelevant kanji!

GTS said...

You can use 寿 or 壽 for the happy event but that may be when the actual event happens probably. -GTS

Jerry said...

ども!!! I hope you give him a good home, I know my four of them have set up a permanent residence on my book shelf!

Here are some clips for you. My favorite one is this one:

うさじいさん and ども! SOO cute!

Here is a collection of a whole bunch of clips, about 10 of them in total.

And the promotional one they made for Target.

I love stop motion animation, I have always been a big fan of cartoons and animation, even made stop motion movies with my parents video camera. They were terrible...

By the way, can you answer this? How does the fees for NHK work? As I understand it, if you have a TV that recieves NHK, you're supposed to send them money, but they don't check to see if you've paid and they don't punish you if you haven't? But there is a discount for students... but how do they know if you're a student if they dont know if you're paying... The whole thing is very confusing to me.

GTS said...

Jerry's Domo-kun is now in hands of EMA. Thank you. NHK isn't broadcasting officially to overseas. So no payment acrues. In Japan, there are NHK "dogs" loitering around and check all the household. Charge are based on each household. -GTS