Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Japan imported the idea of 'Valentine's Day' long time ago as a day for woman to be able to confess her feeling for the particular man in 'male-oriented/initiated' traditional society.' Then it became almost the day for woman giving 'chocolate' to every man who is somehow supportive or supposedly-supportive besides the real man in her mind. The survey of this year shows that over 70% of men are thinking of gift giving for this day from man to woman. Change seemed to come! Well, I did conduct the workshop for all Japanese language teachers of the Chicago Public Schools on Friday the 13th! Next week is the week of JET interview at the consulate. Good luck on your interview if you are a candidate! 1102 is wrapping up Chapter 8 and ready for the test. 2202 is as we modified the way of testing having usual rather big quiz again every class and moving into Lesson 3. WCC 102 is finally getting into Chapter 7. Spring break Japan trip is going to be a small-sized (11 people) this time reflecting the worsening economy. Summer Study Abroad is still accepting applications!


Jerry said...

Happy Valentine's Day Shingo!

What can you tell us about ホワイトデー (White Day)? The concept of 義理チョコ (giri choco) is equally fascinating to me! Are there any other romantic holidays in Japan?

GTS said...

Everyday is the romantic holiday in Japan! White day (3/14) was created quite a while ago in Japan for the day one month after the Valentine's Day when the man gives the thank you gift (originally marshmallow,thereby 'white day') to the woman whom he got chokolate from).Lately as a gift, anything goes including underwear! -GTS

Juria said...

"Everyday is the romantic holiday in Japan!" LIES!!

But it's true..michelle was the romantic lead for us on that day where we road though Sakaguchi-san's neighborhood on the back of the bicycle while Misha peddled XD hahha

Did you give out chocolate during white day back when?

GTS said...

No chocolate on White Day. Should be marshmallow. Yeah, gave marshmallow to everyone! -GTS