Sunday, February 1, 2009

GTS nominated for the Board member of ATJ

There are two large professional organizations for the Japanese academic field in the U.S. GTS served as a President of National Council of Japanese Language Teachers (NCJLT) in 2004-05 while being its board member between 2003-06. This year, GTS has been nominated for a candidate for a board member of Association of Teachers of Japanese (ATJ). The election is coming up now and the elected board will be announced at the end of March. GTS's opponent is a high school teacher in Hawaii and a good friend of GTS, so she can be an excellent board member of ATJ as well. GTS expresses humble gratitude to the nominating committee of ATJ, and wishes the organization's future prosperity! This is GTS' nomination reference site!


chibi said...

Half congratulations because you haven't actually won yet? Does that work? :P

Man, I miss *just* two days of class, and then Sensei has no hair and I'm behind two whole classes worth of questions and I may or may not have forgotten all of the vocabulary that I should have known because it's from the class I actually made it too... ::shifty eyes::


At least Mischa's still late. See, that really is the reliable part of her! :D Not a fault at all!

(And I made money! Woo!)

GTS said...

Well, winning the board membership means just becoming too hectic, so I rather want to be just nominated so people know my name at least! Missing two classes means missing the entire week but I am convinced that you recover quite well! -GTS