Thursday, October 15, 2009

1101 has begun shrinking!

Upon completing Lesson 3 test, it seems that 1101 has just begun shrinking. Those mysterious seats will now become official empty seats after the mid-term verification next week. The average score of this 3rd test was 104 out of 130 (80%) which is a lot higher than last two previous tests. Hopefully less withdrawal towards the end of semester. The global classroom project between COD and Hiroshima Jogakuin University in our honor seminar (Japanese 1100 & Sociology 2200) began today and every student met Japanese students through web cam screen!


wes said...

Shingo, You should have a twitter account, i know like 50 people who would want to follow you! also, if you could let me know when your night class gets small enough that darren and i could sit in on one, id appreciate it, hes very curious to see how the class is before he decides to actually take it!


GTS said...

Wes! Good to see you. Students in class must have been wondering who the heck you were! hahaha. -GTS