Monday, October 12, 2009

Zoo after Workshop!

On Saturday, GTS as a president of Illinois Association of Teachers of Japanese (IATJ) organized its Annual Professional Development Workshop at Elk Grove High School attended by over 25 Japanese language teachers of K-16 levels. The topic was "how to teach Japanese without creating students with stereotype such as "Japanese likes cleanliness (which is not true when looking at each household kitchen!)." Exhausted? ちょっと。So on Sunday GTS went to Racine Zoo in Wisconsin!!! It was a bit chilly but had great time with animals being very close! Yes, I love Zoos and Aquariums. TV channel? Sure, Animal Planet Channel! Chapter test is coming up for 1101 and misterious seats are growing!


Surreal said...

フフフ!ふしぎないす! So were you guys filmed for the Animal Channel?

GTS said...

ふしぎないすincreases! -GTS