Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy Week!!

This week is one of the busiest week in the Spring Semester on which GTS assists the Japanese governmental project of JET by which English speaking college graduates are sent to various public schools in Japan. GTS is one of the interviewers for candidates who are screened into the interview process. It is very lucrative offer for college graduates so I do recommend those who graduate from colleges and universities to apply. GTS has also worked as a voice over project this week for a company employee/customer training video. 'Spring break field trip to Japan' is a small group of 7 participants (as of today) while the summer study abroad will be a large group this year! 1102 students have been suffering from Kanji quiz as usual but I do hope that they will thank this challenge in future.


wes said...

If you give me a scholarship that pays for my spring break trip, i will gladly sign up!

GTS said...

I wish I could give you one! -GTS

wes said...

haha me too, but even if such a thing existed, there are far more GTS students that are more qualified! I may go next year with some friends though, maybe i will try to line it up with your spring break trip next year so we can meet up and i can buy you a beer.

GTS said...

Ah,no Spring trip in 2011! Instead there will be the trip in this December! -GTS

d said...

It was a pleasure working with you on the interview panel last week and I enjoyed our conversations a lot!




- Dan